Friday, April 27, 2007


Congrats Katy and Justin! Today my sister and her husband Justin are receiving their diplomas! I am so proud of them and really wish I could be there to celebrate, but they have lots of family there in Provo to support them. Love you both and again, congrats!

Fun Nights In Medical School

I just want to say that I feel badly sometimes for Bryson. He has been working non-stop on this paper that was due today for his Primary Care rotation. I read part of it last night and it pretty much made as much sense to me as Chinese, so naturally I have been of no help to him. Well, I went to bed at my usual wild hour of 10:00 pm last night and he was at the computer. When I woke up this morning he had not moved- still typing away! I could not do it! But I guess my sleeping habits may be more like his in 4 weeks when we have a newborn baby. Still, I have to say that I am so proud of him and grateful for all the work he has put in these past 3 years of medical school. Only 1 more to go!! Yipee!

Tribeca Film Festival

I went to my first Tribeca Film Festival film last night with my friend Kelly Ferguson. Her brother played a role in this move called "The Hammer" in which realatively un-impressive guy, with some really bad luck, gets a second chance at his boxing career at age 40. I was not sure what to expect, but I ended up laughing the whole move- it was great. Her brother had a small role, which was too bad since his character was hysterical, so I would have like to have seen him more on screen. The best part was we got to enter the theater on a red carpet! I have NEVER been on a red carpet and am very disappointed that I made my debut wearing khaki maternity pants, an un-flattering grey t-shirt, and my hair in some strange, mangled clip. Some short man with a microphone and a tux seemed to think I looked somewhat movie savvy as he interviewed me when I was exiting the theater to get my 'thoughts' on the movie. I think I butchered my first red-carpet interview, and add that to the fact that I looked amazingly un-movie-star like, I don't think my interview will make onto E! News tonight (although I could be on there for worst dress- hey, negative attention is still attention!). Oh well, the night was one of those unique experiences that peolpe residing in NY are suppose to have all the time (like in the movies), so I am going to keep this one in my NYC memoir.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Name and New Look

So this is the 3rd time I have changed the title of our blog. Nothing seems right- and I am always looking for something better. I also changed the whole layout, so this is it for now, until I get bored with it and change it again!

Surprise Baby Shower

So yesterday, around 3 or so, a co-worker of mine, Linda, asked me if I could help her with something. She led me to the back of our office and into the conference room where tons of people from our office were sitting and yelled 'Surprise!' when I walked into the door. They threw me a surprise 'work' baby shower, and it was the best! They had cake, chips, drinks, decorations, and everyone pitched in to get me pretty much everything off of my baby registry. I was so shocked by their great efforts and kindness as I have not worked at Credit Suisse for that long. It was so awesome- and I even got to take a company car home to take all the gifts back. It was the best day! Someone took lots of pictures of the big event, so I will post those as soon as I get them.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally Spring

Today is absolutely beautiful- a picture perfect spring day. So where am I? sitting in a desk, looking at a computer, all under two amazing fluorescent lights :( Oh well, I have a count down and I only have 18 more days until my maternity leave starts!! I could not be more excited.
My feet started to swell a lot today(sorry if that grosses some of you out), so I went outside and walked around the park right outside my office, Madison Square Park. There is the amazing burger place called "the shake shack" and there is always a huge line outside of it. I normally would never wait that long for a burger, but the one time I ate there Bryson waited in line for me- what a great guy! I am hoping the weather stays like this!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Getting ready for the baby

The new crib was delivered yesterday. Bryson and Frank (baby's Grandpa!)worked to put everything together! It looks so great and I cannot wait to see our little guy in his new bed.
After all the strenuous work of putting together the crib (I don't think there were any screws left over) we went down to Little Italy (Mulberry Street) for some Italian food.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On The Cruise

Here is the birthday boy on the cruise to celebrate his big day. None if his kids believe he is 50. And look how great mom looks!!

This is my 3 year-old niece Elizabeth. I could probably dedicate a whole blog to her since she is the cutest thing ever! We rented a car this day and went down to Miami Beach to grab some lunch and to check out the beautiful water. I was surprised how gorgeous the beaches were (except maybe for the topless beach we encountered!). I could definitely visit Miami Beach again. Since it was our last day of the vacation, we all tried to soak up as much sun as possible. Elizabeth, or 'Lizzy' as we all call her, had a blast running up and down the beach. She was soaked by the time we headed back to the airport to fly home.

Here is the whole family on Half Moon Cay. The day started out cloudy, but then turned out to be the best day ever. It was really windy, but sunny, so they wanted everyone to get back on the boat since it was hard to get the tenders to and from the island with wind gusts. We waited until the last minute to go back, so the island was pretty empty for the majority of the day. I was hoping they would leave us there! It was just too beautiful to leave.

Last Vacation Before the Baby Comes!

My family took us on an amazing Caribbean Cruise this April to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday. The boat was beautiful and the weather was perfect. It could not have been a better week! Our ports of call were San Juan, St. Thomas, Grand Turk, and the private island, Half Moon Cay. I loved Grand Turk because it was my first day of sunshine in almost 6 months (NYC has been pretty gloomy) and we were able to swim with Sting Rays. Even Lizzy liked them.

Will my stomach ever be the same?!

Here is the stomach- it is huge!

Baby on the way

We found out we were pregnant on October 8th, 2006. I am now 34 weeks along and both Bryson and I cannot wait for him to come!!

First Blog! So Exciting!!

Hi family and friends!
This is my first 'blog' and I am so excited to share pictures and stories from our life. Bryson and I are expecting our first baby in 6 weeks ( a little boy!) and we could not be more excited. I guess these next few weeks will be pre-baby life, but after that, I know our little baby will take up most of this blog.