Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally Spring

Today is absolutely beautiful- a picture perfect spring day. So where am I? sitting in a desk, looking at a computer, all under two amazing fluorescent lights :( Oh well, I have a count down and I only have 18 more days until my maternity leave starts!! I could not be more excited.
My feet started to swell a lot today(sorry if that grosses some of you out), so I went outside and walked around the park right outside my office, Madison Square Park. There is the amazing burger place called "the shake shack" and there is always a huge line outside of it. I normally would never wait that long for a burger, but the one time I ate there Bryson waited in line for me- what a great guy! I am hoping the weather stays like this!


Tyson, Kathy, and Landon said...

So you're going on maternity leave? How long will you have before you have to go back to work?

jenn said...

Hi Jen! I am so excited for you guys and your baby on the way. May is such a great month! I can't believe that Kurt was born last May already! I found you on Suzi's blog and it was fun to see pictures and catch up. By the way, you are SO cute pregnant! Your post made me miss NYC in the spring. Enjoy the shake shack for me ... I LOVE that place!
Stock you soon!
Jenn Mullen

Hollyanddavewatkins.blogspot.com said...

i must agree that i love springtime. there's something about warm weather coming and knowing it's going to stay around for awhile, you can't help but get in a good mood!