Saturday, April 21, 2007

Getting ready for the baby

The new crib was delivered yesterday. Bryson and Frank (baby's Grandpa!)worked to put everything together! It looks so great and I cannot wait to see our little guy in his new bed.
After all the strenuous work of putting together the crib (I don't think there were any screws left over) we went down to Little Italy (Mulberry Street) for some Italian food.


Trish George said...

Jen! I'm so excited for you! You guys are going to be great parents...I'll see you and your tummy in a few weeks! You look as beautiful as ever and Bryson looks SO excited!

Tyson, Kathy, and Landon said...

I am so excited that your baby boy will be here soon! It is so much fun!!! Also, I love your blog! What a fun trip you guys took. I want to be on the beach too!

Mark and Melanie said...

Hopefully there weren't any screws leftover after that crib was put together! :o) We are excited for you guys, and will depend on this blog to keep us posted since we will miss little DC's debut!