Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On The Cruise

Here is the birthday boy on the cruise to celebrate his big day. None if his kids believe he is 50. And look how great mom looks!!

This is my 3 year-old niece Elizabeth. I could probably dedicate a whole blog to her since she is the cutest thing ever! We rented a car this day and went down to Miami Beach to grab some lunch and to check out the beautiful water. I was surprised how gorgeous the beaches were (except maybe for the topless beach we encountered!). I could definitely visit Miami Beach again. Since it was our last day of the vacation, we all tried to soak up as much sun as possible. Elizabeth, or 'Lizzy' as we all call her, had a blast running up and down the beach. She was soaked by the time we headed back to the airport to fly home.

Here is the whole family on Half Moon Cay. The day started out cloudy, but then turned out to be the best day ever. It was really windy, but sunny, so they wanted everyone to get back on the boat since it was hard to get the tenders to and from the island with wind gusts. We waited until the last minute to go back, so the island was pretty empty for the majority of the day. I was hoping they would leave us there! It was just too beautiful to leave.

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this all looks like so much fun! family vacations are the best, especially when they involve beaches, swimming, and lots of sun.