Friday, April 27, 2007

Tribeca Film Festival

I went to my first Tribeca Film Festival film last night with my friend Kelly Ferguson. Her brother played a role in this move called "The Hammer" in which realatively un-impressive guy, with some really bad luck, gets a second chance at his boxing career at age 40. I was not sure what to expect, but I ended up laughing the whole move- it was great. Her brother had a small role, which was too bad since his character was hysterical, so I would have like to have seen him more on screen. The best part was we got to enter the theater on a red carpet! I have NEVER been on a red carpet and am very disappointed that I made my debut wearing khaki maternity pants, an un-flattering grey t-shirt, and my hair in some strange, mangled clip. Some short man with a microphone and a tux seemed to think I looked somewhat movie savvy as he interviewed me when I was exiting the theater to get my 'thoughts' on the movie. I think I butchered my first red-carpet interview, and add that to the fact that I looked amazingly un-movie-star like, I don't think my interview will make onto E! News tonight (although I could be on there for worst dress- hey, negative attention is still attention!). Oh well, the night was one of those unique experiences that peolpe residing in NY are suppose to have all the time (like in the movies), so I am going to keep this one in my NYC memoir.


Lezlie said...

You are such a New York Girl... I just love it! Okay, so I can not take the amazing pic of your cute belly! when is that little sucker due? I miss you roomie! said...

WOW! i think your red carpet experience sounds awesome, and nothing short of a claim to fame :)