Sunday, August 26, 2007

Daniel's Blessing Day

Sunday we blessed Daniel, and it is about time since he may have walked up to the podium himself if we had waited any longer! Our families flew from all parts of the country to be here for the event. We are so grateful that they came!!! Daniel started to cry before I handed him to Bryson to give him the blessing, but once he was encircled by his dad, grandpas, uncles, and friends he was calm and quiet. Afterwards we went back to Bryson and my apartment where we grabbed some lunch and then took a stroll through Central Park. The weather cooled down quite a bit from the day before (it was like a suana in NYC on Saturday!), so the walk was wonderful. Everyone had to catch flights home that same day, but we wish they could have stayed longer. It turned out to be just a wonderful day despite some major cramming into our small apartment. I have to thank all of our families for making the long trip out here. We love you! Bryson looking so proud!Shannon, Lauren, and baby AlieThe two gorgeous grandmas

The whole group out on a walk to Central Park
Uncle Luke loves little Daniel. I am so glad he flew all of the way from Las Vegas to be here. Love you Luke!
The Bigler Family in the park
Grandma Cindy, Lauren, and Dayna
Taking some R & R after the long walk with Adam.
We finally made it back home after a long day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cousins and Buddies

Cousins Danny and Jordan were born only two days apart, June 1st and June 3rd. They have been able to 'hang out' together the whole time we have been in Deep Creek. At this point, I don't think they are aware that the other one exists, but I know they will be great friends when they get older. I have to say that I am a bit jealous of how Danny has such a cute cousin his same age to hang out with since my closest cousin is 3 years older than me. They are two lucky boys!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Best Afternoon

I could not have asked for a better day than the one I had yesterday. What could be sweeter than sitting on a hammock overlooking the lake with my sweet little Daniel? I was trying to make some progress on my Harry Potter book # 7, since I may be the last person still reading it, but I ended up falling asleep.
We have been in Deep Creek Maryland for over a week and we still have one week left here. Then I head back to NYC with Danny and Bryson takes off to Irvine, California for another away rotation at UC Irvine. It will be hard to be away from each other for 2 weeks, but I am excited to get back to NYC since we have been traveling for the last 7 weeks. It has been so great to spend so much time with family, but I am looking forward to going home :)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Fun at Deep Creek Maryland

We have been at Deep Creek with Bryson's family for a week now and it has been nothing but fun (and some chaos- there are 17 people here- two of those are 8 week old babies!!) Our week has consisted of water skiing, wakeboarding, BBQ's, sun tanning, and trips on the boat to the ice cream shop. We took the baby boys out on there first boating trip- in their hot pink life vests (Sorry guys- I guess grandpa thought they would be red when he got them- oh well!) They both fell asleep within minutes- so I guess they liked it??
Napping with Uncle Jason
Sleeping on the hammock with Grandpa Frank- he love this place!!
Look at my big blue eyes!! Daniel is starting to smile, coo, and loves to look at peoples faces. He gets more and more fun everyday.

Taylor squeezing Jordan's cheeks while Dayna and Steve play with Daniel.
Dayna and Shannon hold the babies- cousins Danny and Jordan. The whole gang eating dinner after a day on the boat.