Friday, August 3, 2007

Fun at Deep Creek Maryland

We have been at Deep Creek with Bryson's family for a week now and it has been nothing but fun (and some chaos- there are 17 people here- two of those are 8 week old babies!!) Our week has consisted of water skiing, wakeboarding, BBQ's, sun tanning, and trips on the boat to the ice cream shop. We took the baby boys out on there first boating trip- in their hot pink life vests (Sorry guys- I guess grandpa thought they would be red when he got them- oh well!) They both fell asleep within minutes- so I guess they liked it??
Napping with Uncle Jason
Sleeping on the hammock with Grandpa Frank- he love this place!!
Look at my big blue eyes!! Daniel is starting to smile, coo, and loves to look at peoples faces. He gets more and more fun everyday.

Taylor squeezing Jordan's cheeks while Dayna and Steve play with Daniel.
Dayna and Shannon hold the babies- cousins Danny and Jordan. The whole gang eating dinner after a day on the boat.


Sarah said...

Jen... your little Danny is so cute. You are guys are a darling family and look so happy. Ryan and I were just in NY. I wish we could have met up. You look great-not tired at all. I wish I could same the same for myself.

Kathy said...

Daniel is so cute! He has grown so much since we saw him in NY!

Rachel Kirkham said...

Hi Jen! I was laughing at the pink life jackets that Frank got and then I remembered that he is color blind. Did you know that? Hilarious!

It was so fun seeing you a few days ago. Danny is absolutely precious! Give him a million kisses from his cousin Rachel!!

Love you!