Thursday, September 13, 2007

Little Katydid

I am not sure how she did it, but somehow my little sister Katy started a company while she was raising a 3 year-old and was in school full time (can we say ambitious!?). She designs chic car seat covers to spice up those otherwise bland car seats that are sold on the market today. Her company is called
Little Katydids, and I advise everyone to check out her website at

I have this one, but in blue, and I love it (the blue is called the 'Dylan').

All I can say is that Kate is one amazing girl! Love you K!


Shannon & Kevin said...

I am so glad that she finally has her site up and running. I get comments on my Little Katydid ALL the time. Now I can refer them to her site - which looks great, by the way. Please tell her I say CONGRATULATIONS! I know she is going to do so well. Love you Jen!

stace said...

wish I had known. i bought a car seat cover a few months ago. I love them b/c they are unique and stylish. when people ask about it I will send them to katy's site.


the smoots said...

So cute! I LOVE that material. What could be softer?

Melissa said...

Awesome! Hooray for Momtrepeuners!
They are adorable.