Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 Babies + 3 Hour Photo Shoot = Craziness!

We are currently in D.C. as Bryson interviewed at Georgetown this past weekend for a position in the plastic surgery residency program. I got to spend quite a bit of time with two of my favorite people- Shannon and Jordan. Shannon and I took the babies down today to get their six month photos. I think every mom in the greater D.C. area had the same idea as we had to drive around the whole state of Maryland to find a place that would take us! It was a little crazy with both babies!! Luckily it was well-worth the headache as Jordan and Danny's photos turned out AWESOME!

p.s.- I have to thank Emily Downen again for this ADORABLE outfit he is wearing in the photo. It has to be one of the cutest I have ever seen :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Richards Family Photo

Here is a picture of the WHOLE Richards family (there are 10 kids in Bryson's fam!). We had this photo taken while we were in D.C. for Thanksgiving. Freed Photography photographed us, and I am amazed that they got a shot of all of us looking at the camera! Yes... it is a really big family, but it is always fun :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Back in NYC

My baby is now 6 months old, and I have decided that time is flying by way too fast. I can already tell that I am going to have a nervous breakdown when he moves out of the house as I struggled this week to pack away all of his little clothes that no longer fit him. I wish I could just freeze him! Although I sometimes miss him being so tiny, I have to admit he becomes more and more fun with every new stage. Why is being a mom so dang fun?!

So we are finally back home. It took me about a week to get our apartment somewhat together after being gone for so many months, yet we are leaving again next week! I have LOVED being back here. It has been so great to have my own little space again and to see all of our friends. Danny has loved the city as well. He has found his favorite spot in the whole world- sitting by the window! He literally cries when I take him away from his 'perch'. He is fascinated by the taxis, trucks, people, dogs, pigeons that are all outside our apartment. I don't blame him, the streets of New York have always entertained me as well!

Thanksgiving dinner at the Richards in Potomac

This is his favorite spot. He is truly a city boy!

First time seeing snow

Running the lower loop in Central Park

First time meeting Santa at Macy's. He was quite nervous once I placed him in the hands of this large man with a strange red suit. There is nothing cuter than a jolly Santa, but I can definitely see why kids get scared!
This cutie loves his baths.