Friday, January 18, 2008

Where the heck are the Richards?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!
Our blog has been neglected for a VERY long time now. Sorry to all of you that have been checking our blog only to see the same old pictures over and over again (so annoying!). Things have been great but quite hectic in lives this past month.
Here is a quick update:
-We had an amazing Christmas with my fam in Vegas and then spent a week up in Park City skiing.
-We had to come home early because little Daniel got altitude sickness :(
-Bryson and I went to CA for his interview at UC Irvine last week. The best part of the trip was staying with Katie, Justin, and Lizzie in Woodland Hills. Katy is due in 10 days and I could not be any more excited to meet my new nephew! We also spent a few days in San Diego on the beach. I now know why people are obsessed with living in Southern California- it was 75 and sunny the whole time we were there.
-Bryson left Wed. morning for 10 days as he is interviewing all over the country (Wake Forest, Albany, Dartmouth, UT Southwestern). His wife and baby miss him tons!
-Daniel is still a chubby, big eyed, sweet little baby and is loving spending time with his grandparents in LV.

*** I will post pics soon :)