Friday, February 15, 2008

Alone on Valentine's Day

Yes, Bryson and I are hundreds (maybe thousands- I am not sure) of miles away from each other today, but luckily we are meeting up tomorrow after being apart for 2 weeks. He is in NY and I was in LA visiting my sister, but flew to back to Las Vegas about 2 hours ago. Since we are not together tonight, I thought I would post 10 things that I LOVE about him:

1. He has the most energy of anyone I know and loves to do anything fun.

2. He is so naturally smart and has always excelled at anything academic (yes- I find this SOO attractive).

3. He loves children and is absolutely gaga over baby Daniel.

4. He loves to cuddle.

5. He will watch any movie with me- chick flicks- drama- scary- ANYTHING.

6. He finds so much joy in making me and Daniel happy.

7. He truly wants to help others and because of this he will be an excellent doctor someday.

8. He tells me on daily basis that I am a great mother to our baby.

9. He makes the BEST pancake breakfast.

10. Last but not least- he is one hot stud!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well, our country's best candidate for president has dropped out of the race. In the words of Anne Coulter "I think I would vote for Hillary before John McCain" seems to hit home right now. Ok, so I would never vote for Mrs. Bill Clinton, but McCain is definitely not my favorite. Mitt has the intelligence, integrity, humility, and strength that one could only hope for in a president. I was very sad to see him leave the race, but respect his decision not to be a divisive figure within the republican party. He truly cares for his country. 
I am so very very behind on my blogging, but I wanted to share photo from a few weeks ago. The day before the Nevada Caucus, my family hosted a party for his wife Anne in our home. It was wonderful spending time with her, the campaign managers, and her sweet daughter-in-law Jennifer. We were able to talk about the day to day craziness of life during a presidential campaign and let me tell you - it is brutal! No sleep- little food- and always having to look your best. I could never do it. Yet Anne looked beautiful and was absolutely charming the entire luncheon. On top of her crazy schedule, she has MS. What a wonder woman!

My mother Sally, sister Stephanie, Anne Romney, myself, and my Dad Greg

Jennifer Romney with her son and me with little Daniel

Anne Romney speaking with reporters and supporters in our living room

My parents with Anne

My New Nephew Justin Thomas Cannon is here!

Justin Thomas with his sister Lizzy and little Daniel

Man- I am so behind in blogging. Bryson is in NYC and I am in Las Vegas, and of course he has our computer with all of our photos, so blogging has been challenging lately! 
The newest and greatest news so far this year is that my little sister Kate gave birth to an amazingly cute and healthy baby boy on Jan. 29th. They named the cute little tike Justin Thomas Cannon. He makes my heart melt just looking at him. My sister is doing great- she really is a champ when it comes to the whole birth thing.  Yes... I am jealous. She pushed for 15 minutes with both babies and I pushed for almost 3 hours. It is really not fair. 

We were able to drive down to LA (Woodland Hills) to see her and the baby last weekend. It is amazing how easily you fall in love with newborns. Little JT or Tommy (There is no set nickname yet) is just beautiful - he looks very much like his big sister Lizzy. 

Daniel did not take to him well. He wanted to steal his pacifier, use his blankets, and cried whenever he saw me holding him. Hopefully this rage of baby jealousy will subside and they will become great friends :)

All I have to say is that Katy is a great mother. I am always asking her for advise. Her two little ones are very lucky to have her!