Friday, February 15, 2008

Alone on Valentine's Day

Yes, Bryson and I are hundreds (maybe thousands- I am not sure) of miles away from each other today, but luckily we are meeting up tomorrow after being apart for 2 weeks. He is in NY and I was in LA visiting my sister, but flew to back to Las Vegas about 2 hours ago. Since we are not together tonight, I thought I would post 10 things that I LOVE about him:

1. He has the most energy of anyone I know and loves to do anything fun.

2. He is so naturally smart and has always excelled at anything academic (yes- I find this SOO attractive).

3. He loves children and is absolutely gaga over baby Daniel.

4. He loves to cuddle.

5. He will watch any movie with me- chick flicks- drama- scary- ANYTHING.

6. He finds so much joy in making me and Daniel happy.

7. He truly wants to help others and because of this he will be an excellent doctor someday.

8. He tells me on daily basis that I am a great mother to our baby.

9. He makes the BEST pancake breakfast.

10. Last but not least- he is one hot stud!


Pleasant Grove Players said...

I was alone last night, too! I should have met up with you in Vegas, we could have had a night out on the town.

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

true that!! you guys are so cute.

Jessica said...

Awe, sorry you were alone! Bryson is a great guy but I think he got a steal!

Sheryl said...

Cute post! I'm so happy that you guys are married. He really is a great guy. He was alwasy such a great friend too.

lauren ann said...

You are a good wifey- he is one lucky man

The Johnsons said...

What I love about Bryson....
I love how excited he gets over funny stuff. I particularly love how much he loves Harry Potter, 24, Lost and my husband....his man-crush

Trish and Brian said...

Hey Beautiful - When do you find out where you'll be next year? I miss you!

Jason said...

Hey Jen and Bryson!!! Long time no talk. Found your blog at work while i was bored reading my roommates, then saw Sarah (Toolson) Jensen's, then yours...

Hope all is well in NYC. Miss you guys. Congrats on the baby! Provo seems forever ago.


Jason White

Samye said...

Found your blog (like everyone else does just looking through all sorts of blogs) and-anyway it looks like you guys are doing great. Your little Daniel is precious and you seem to be enjoying motherhood alot! Good to see that you guys are doing so well!!