Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back in NYC...home sweet home!

Well, we have finally returned home. Who would have thought that our small 500 square foot apartment could look so good. It feels great to be home! Bryson's parents were in town this weekend. We visited the Natural History Museum and went to a very unique exhibit. It was a room full of exotic butterflies. Daniel was amazed at all the colorful bugs flying around. In fact, one landed on his noise when we first walked into the room.

I have missed NYC pizza, so we hit up Patsy's pizza the first night we were back. It tasted better than ever. We also went to Atlantic Grill- one of Bryson's favorite places. It was fantastic!
We have two weeks until we find out where we match. Here are the possible places that we may be moving to in June:
(not in any order)
Staying in NYC
New Hampshire
Wake Forest
We cannot wait to find out where Bryson will be training for his plastic surgery residency. It is going to be a fun 6 years :)


Mindi said...

:) Welcome back.. it was nice to see (and hear) you today. Thank you for your touching thoughts and wisdom of this past week.

Jewels said...

How great to be home! I'm excited for you guys to find out where you'll be moving - how crazy! I so hope you end up in Vegas...I'm so greedy, I would love it if you lived close.

Ang said...

How exciting to finally be in the same place together! I am excited to see where you match---kind of fun and scary to see where you will be living for the next six years. Looks like you have a bunch of fun possibilities. Love seeing the pictures of your little one---so adorable!

Melanie said...

Rochester MN?? I think that would be the best place for you. :o) I am excited to see you in a few days! Thank goodness you came home in time for our visit!! We will anxiously await the news of the matches (and keep my fingers crossed for Rochester! Not that its down the street from me - but it is much closer than NYC!)

The Gordons said...

Hi Jen! Your blog is always so cute. It's fun to check in with you. I'm super excited to hear where Bryson will do his residency!! Keep us posted.
love ya,

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

I'm hoping Vegas. Then we can come visit you more often. We miss you guys already!

Lauren said...

Those are great restaurants! I was happy to see you guys in church but didn't get a chance to say hello. Good luck getting matched for residency!

Trish and Brian said...

Hey!!! None of those places are in California!!!

Glad you guys are back in the same city - it must be a relief.

Sheryl said...

where would like to stay...i'd love to see you guys before you go and before i possibly not that far away.

Nate & Nicole said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for saying hi, I'm glad you found us. I loved looking at your blog. Daniel is SO cute. We would love it if you guys ended up in Irvine! That way Daniel and Will can hang out before becoming roommates at BYU :). Say hi to Bryson for us!

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

jen! when you get a chance will you email me some of the pictures you took while you were in Utah? I would love to have some of those photos of danny. my email is: thanks!!

J & Rachel Kirkham said...

soooo excited to see you next weekend! Get ready for me to smother Danny with kisses!! Love you!

The Strand Family said...

I miss you!!! It was so awesome hanging out with you and Danny. It was way cute to watch our babies bond :)Love you!

Melissa said...

Exciting! Can't wait to hear where you will go.
Enjoy NYC while you can!

callie & steve said...

i can't believe you'll be finding out where you'll be living so doesn't seem that long ago that we were tending to our little ones in the mother's lounge discussing the distant "march match"! good luck and can't wait to here the news!