Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Exploring Rochester

My mom, dad, and sister came into town last week and we were able to check out so many beautiful places here in upstate NY. I loved showing them around our new home, and the trip was perfect except for the fact that both my parents and my sister, Stephanie, came down with the flu the lasted couple of days. I felt so badly for them! I think they still had a great time :)Niagara Falls

This picture cracks me up. Stephanie, my dad and I were sitting in the front seat (it was a bench seat) and after 20 minutes of driving we looked back to see Daniel still awake (and laughing hysterically) while Bryson and my mom were out cold! We thought Daniel was sleeping as well, so we are not sure how long he was back there laughing by himself.
Lake Ontario

Lake Keuka (one of the Finger Lakes)

The Sacred Grove in Palmyra


Nate and Nicole said...

What great pictures! Rochester (and surrounding areas) looks beautiful. Daniel cracking himself up in the car is the cutest picture - I love that!

Sara Jensen said...

You have one good looking family.

Shannon & Kevin said...

Oh I am so excited to come up and see all these wonderful sites!!

nat said...

such fun pictures! and looks like a blast to be exploring that part of the country :) your family looks great, your little boy is darling, and i can't wait to meet him in person. hope you're doing well!!

Callejero said...

Your dad forgot to take his missionary tag off.