Saturday, August 30, 2008

The perfect summer wedding!

Congrats Crystal and Morgan!! And thanks for letting us be part of your special day. Crystal's wedding was perfect in every way. It really was the best weekend- a stunning bride, beautiful bridesmaid's dresses, lovely flowers, amazing food, and my favorite part, dancing to an incredible band. For those of you who know Crystal, she is sweet, loving, and very down to earth. I have loved having her a sister-in-law and now am so grateful that she is such a wonderful aunt to Daniel. On our way to the temple
Daniel with Aaron and his two uncles, Ryan and Adam
We wish we could have driven away in this sweet ride!
Crystal and Morgan leaving the reception
She looks gorgeous!

I loved her colors- bright green, mango, and gold
Chatting with Emily and Donna Kay
My two handsome boys
The babies in tuxes
Daniel with the bride

He looks like a little bartender in this picture

Coming out of the temple (these pictures are very out of order)
The D.C. Temple
Uncle Taylor

Ryan hid in a suitcase in the car that Crystal and Morgan were taking on their honeymoon. After they had been driving a few minutes, he popped out and yelled "hey guys!". It would have been better had he popped out once they arrived at the hotel, but we all still got a kick out of this.


Shannon & Kevin said...

What great pictures!! I wish I would have gotten a picture with just the boys in their tuxedos - I've never seen anything more ADORABLE!!!

callie & steve said...

as brief as it was, it was so brief to see you at the wedding! hopefully i'll get to see you again soon if we can make that girls trip work out! i still can't get over those tuxedos either...

callie & steve said...

meaning: it was so GOOD to see you...not so "brief to see you" ha.

Mindi said...

Looks like a fun day... Those orange dresses are beautiful. You looked great in it!