Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autumn is finally here

Autumn is my favorite season... wonderful holidays, perfect weather, and beautiful scenery. I have to say it is especially beautiful here in upstate NY. My favorite fall activity so far has been apple picking. Whittier Apple Farm

Daniel and his buddy Nate

Apple picking is so much sweeter with an adorable girl (Alexis)

Checking out all the apples
helping mom
It has been so warm this fall that there were still raspberries to pickbut Daniel ate the sweet berries as fast as I could pick them

by the end the babies were a little sick of riding in the wagon (Brian, Daniel, Nate & Alexis)

That night we went out on a walk in a field full of geese. I had to post this picture because Daniel looks SO much like Bryson here!
and here too!

Taylor came into town to interview at University of Rochester Medical School. One of the days he was here we took a trip to Palmyra. It was a beautiful day and almost 80 degrees... not typical NY fall weather.

Hill Cumorah

Joseph Smith Farm

Sunday, October 12, 2008

People Magazine's 'A Hero Among Us' Award

This month marks the 2nd anniversary of my cousin Jani's death. Jani was a sweet, compassionate, and wonderful girl. She was loved by all that knew her. It was 2 years ago that the 19 year-old fatally overdosed on heroin, the day after checking herself out of rehab. Now my uncle, Lance Merrill, has made it his mission to bring down drug dealers, like the one who supplied lethal drugs to Jani. He created a website called or DADD. Through this website people can receive a $500.00 reward (supplied by local charities and public donations) for tips leading to the arrest of a drug dealer.
My uncle Lance has been so successful in this that he was chosen as the 'Hero Among Us' in this week's People Magazine. It is a great article, so I recommend checking it out. You can also read about Jani's tragic story that led to my Uncle's fight against drugs on - here is the link:
I just want to say how proud I am of both my aunt and uncle for the way they have channeled their anguish and pain into a powerful way to help others. I love Jani, and she will always be sorely missed. Her parents are so strong and they have given the community so much more power over drugs by creating DADD. I know that through their hard work and their incredible honesty, other teen's lives will be spared. They are truly heroes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

More Photos from London (I took almost 400)

pretty clock near green park
hampton court
hyde park
rainy day at hampton court
nick is put to work in the kitchen
Shakespeare's house in stratford upon avon
the church Shakespeare is buried in
river avon
with the yeomen at the london tower

view from greenwich

the acropolis at the british museum

the tower bridge during rush hour bath

the living room at the byu center (i studied abroad here in 2003)front of the centersloppy room! j/k- this is probably what it looked like when i was there - there really is no closet space kitchen

Windsor Castle
the big red bus tour
church at windsor castle
first day in london
noodles at wagamamma
London Tower