Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and Nick's Farewell

halloween was filled with yummy food, great costumes,
and of course, abundant candy....
my mom always goes 'all out' on halloween dinner graveyard glop cups
yummy cupcakes
even daniel could not resist
daniel was not thrilled with the bear costume (he protested wearing the 'hat' for sometime)

he seemed to perk up a bit once we gave him a sticky red sucker

posing with his beautiful cousin lizzy, dressed as a witchlittle tommy was thrilled to be a bear as wellgrandma and grandpa bigler joined in on the trick or treating fun
daniel adores his aunt stephwhen the babies fell asleep, justin, katy and i put on our finest mullets and some sweet outfits and went to check out a haunted house in our neighborhood
seriously... have you ever seen two hotter sisters?
and justin was not looking too bad himself... cross eyed trailor trash men are always a good catch!
on a more serious note... the real reason i was in vegas was to attend nick's farewell and see him off at the mtc
beautiful katy and sweet little tommy at the park
my wonderful niece lizzy...i just adore her... she is the most wonderful thing

i had to throw in a picture of the bigler family's newest edition, a bull dog puppy named margaret thatcher (maggie)
three adorable cousins in the tub

daniel and his uncle nick

my great friend trish and her adorable boy hunter stopped by after the farewell
the boys playing with grandma's pumpkins

thankfully bryson made it out for 1 day to spend time with us and say goodbye to nick

my wonderful little bro and me in park city the day before he went into the mtc
words cannot describe how proud all of us were that day

mongolian text... i know i am so thankful i do not have to learn this language!
i will not lie... it was so hard to say goodbye for 2 years... i already miss nick so much
he is an incredible example to me and the rest of our family...we are so grateful that he made the wonderful decision to serve a mission
we love you nick...we know you will be a great missionary!