Friday, January 16, 2009


This morning the temperature gauge on my car read 2 degrees . I checked the weather report about 5 minutes ago and it actually feels like -11 with the wind chill. I personally have never experienced such cold. Unaware of today's frigid temperatures, I made plans to go to the gym and then to my friend Angela's house for a lunch/playdate with her and her son. Within seconds of leaving the warmth of the house or car my eyes, hands, and pretty much entire body started to ache from the cold. I have taken 2 hot showers today and still cannot get warm (I must add that it was most definitely worth going to Angela's- I love being around here and she made me the best homemade bread and chicken noodle soup! So good :) Thanks Ang!

(for those of you who may be concerned about poor little Daniel and my parenting skills- I had him dressed in 4 layers... he was sweating when I got him into the house and I gave him a warm bath too)

I called my sister Kate who lives in LA and she was complaining about how she had to turn on her A/C today on her way home from the gym. It was 85 degrees. That is a difference of around 80 degrees. No more complaining Kate! But I do agree with her that winter should be somewhat cold. Now, -11 is not my cup of tea, but I do really like snow.
In defense of Rochester, it is absolutely beautiful here. The sunning is shining and the snow is sparkling- it looks like a winter wonderland (a very cold wonderland, but still pretty).

We are heading out west tomorrow and I am really looking forward to de-thawing!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas was wonderful this year, as it always seems to be. We spent it with Bryson's family in D.C. and I was SO thankful that Bryson was able to get 5 days off. Daniel did not quite understand what was going on Christmas morning when we pulled him out of bed to open presents, but he really enjoyed all the toys that he and everyone else was opening. blissfully playing in cousin Jordan's new tent

Opening his new Elmo phone from Aunt Katy & Uncle Justin

He loved his new trucks so much he requested to eat breakfast with them

practicing his batting skills with his new tee-ball set

Christmas Eve dinner

Santa's little helper

matching pj's from aunt Dayna

he loved all the attention from his 11 aunts and uncles that were there for Christmas

We came home to see even more snow on our street

Daniel and his dad on New Year's Eve. He must have been upset that could not stay up to see the ball drop in Times Sq.

some delish New Year's cookies I made to bring to a friend's house that night