Sunday, February 8, 2009

20 months

Yes... my little boy is no longer a baby but is a talking, walking, busy, and often demanding little toddler. I love his budding personality and am grateful to find humor in his curious mischief and little tantrums. I still am so grateful that he loves to cuddle and is still very babyish. He LOVES to be held- I hear multiple times a day "mommy... hold you" as he extends his arms up requesting to be picked up. His constant companions are his pacifier and blanket and we do not dare go anywhere without them. Sharing does not come easy to him but he is happy to give any child a hug or kiss. He enjoys folding his arms for prayers and will yell with glee "Amen" once we are done. More than once he has insisted that we pray while shopping in the grocery store or the mall. He loves books and usually wants me to tuck him in bed with one at night. He is fascinated with school buses and knows that after his nap one will drive past our house. When he hears it he presses his nose against the window to watch it go by. He often hides himself in the closet or bathroom and will yell "mommy" until I come find him. We play the hiding game about 20 times a day. His favorite animals are fish. He likes to talk to me about them and would spend an endless amount of time in front of our museum's aquarium if he could. He is a picky eater but will eat any type of pasta. He has his own little language that I am proudly able to decipher (well, most of the time). Some of the frequently used words are:

Mittee: pacifier

Swushy: blanket

ooweeoo: cheerio

Mee Ma, Mee Ma: Clean up Clean up (he sings this to the nursery tune 'Clean up, Clean up, everybody everywhere'). He will sing this after he throw his food onto the floor.

Moofoo: muffin

I-dee: hiding

Here are some photos from our trip out west to visit family:

playing at aunt Katy's house in LA

Disneyland with Katy, Lizzy, and Tommy

video from our ride on the tea cups (please ignore my very annoying 'mommy voice'). You may need to let it buffer a few times before playing it.


Katie has the most beautiful orange trees in her backyard...I thought they deserved a picture on the blog.

A beautiful day of skiing with Frank, Lauren, Bryson, Taylor & Crystal

Dad and my grandma & grandpa Bigler
Alana and sweet baby Elle. Poor Daniel was having a rough night :(

Celebrating Tommy's 1st birthday! He is the cutest thing:)

We were able to visit Trish and Hunter in Manhattan Beach.

Daniel giving his great grandma Richards and kiss on the cheek
Daniel and Aunt Crystal


Jessica said...

cute pics! Just wait until he starts talking back to you!!

Steve and Dayna said...

I love this post! He is getting so big! I can totally picture him saying all those words you told us he says... what a smart boy. I was DYING over that video- had to watch it a few times. It was so cute to see him get so happy and excited about the tea cups! What a fun age! I miss him soooooooo much (and you of course!)!!!! When will we see you guys next??

(p.s. I got your sweet message the other night- we were at the basketball game when you called. I really wanna talk to you so I will call you soon- this week has just been sooo crazy!!!!)

Love you!!!!

Sheryl said...

Are you serious?! Daniel is the cutest ever! Happy 20 months Daniel!

Colby said...

Darling Jen! I can't believe how big he has gotten, so quickly! Jack still tells me he wants to "hold you" when he wants to get picked up and carried. He also tells me, "Mommy wants to come play". :) How can he always read my mind? :) Thanks for the update. Looks like things are going well.

Colby said...

Whoops, that was Mindi... not Colby.

Crystal and Morgan said...

This may be my favorite post! Daniel is so cute and so big and his voice is adorable in the video!!! I miss you both so much! Thank you so much for this amazing post!

Anna said...

Oh Jen, he is SOOOOO cute! I love his big blue eyes. And I have to say that I am super jealous that you & Danny & Alana & Elle all got to hang out, what I wouldn't do to have all my London girls together again soon.

Miss you.

P.S. said...

I love his little voice. Mittie is my favorite! If Elle would use one I'd tell her that is what it is really called.
It was SO good to see you and your family. Thanks for inviting us up!