Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally Some Sun!

Bryson had a week off last month and we were both in need of some serious sun (it is STILL cold in Rochester) and R & R. Shannon and Cindy so kindly offered to watch Daniel for us while we went on a 3 1/2 day, 4 night Caribbean cruise. It was so so so wonderful sleeping in, eating more food than I will admit to, and reading in the sun. Despite being blissfully content on our cruise, we both missed Daniel so much and were very excited to fly home to see him. We actually spent most the trip talking about him. I guess every morning when Cindy pulled him from his crib, Daniel would say ''mommy, daddy bye bye... but back later''. It seemed like the poor kid was reassuring himself that we would come back! He was very busy the week were gone and was in great hands, so I know that despite missing us, he had a great time.

We started the trip off spending the weekend in Maryland with the Richards

Daniel, Elyse, Adam, and Ryan riding in the jeep to go get ice cream
Daniel and Jordan loving their sweet treat. We took the kids to watch the planes land at the airport in D.C.

Daniel could not contain his excitement! He loved it :)

Bryson teaching Daniel how to skip stones into the Potomac River.
Monday morning we caught a very early flight to Miami and boarded our boat.

Miami looked so beautiful in the back round as we left the port.

Our first port was Key West and the weather could not have been better

I had never been to Key West and really enjoyed walking around what I thought to be a cheery and quaint beach town.

The water was really beautiful as well
Sory for the cheesy pic- but it really was a romantic spot :)
The 2nd night was our 'formal night'. I really think it is such a treat to get dressed up and to go out to dinner with your husband. It was such a fun night.

The next day we were scheduled to dock at Cozumel, but due to the Swine Flu, the cruise decided to spend the day at Nassau (which I was thrilled as I think it is so much prettier in the Bahamas than Cozumel). We walked all over the Atlantis Hotel- which was amazing!

Atlantis has the most incredible aquarium. They also have 4 or 5 pools filled with all sorts of sea life. This one was full of sting rays.

There were also tons of sharks. The one behind me was one of the smaller ones in the tank.The tour guide told us that there are rooms below the tank (the 'Underwater Rooms') that go for $25,000.00 a night, minimum of 4 nights! I guess Michael Jackson is a frequent visitor to these special rooms. That pretty much ruined it for me.
Inside was really beautiful as well

Hanging out on the beach
Bryson saying goodbye to the Bahamas as we sailed off

Our ship :) It was our first time on a Carnival ship and everything was great- the food, rooms, service, boat, and entertainment. It really was a perfect week!

Our last night on the boat. There was a midnight Mexican Buffet on the Lido deck and live entertainment. I miss the cruise!! But I think it will be a while before I can leave my little D again! It was hard to leave him :(


Anna said...

Looks like you guys had such a good time. Love the red and white bathing suit. You're a hot mama, Jenn!

P.S. said...

That looks like a blast. I'm so glad you got to go have some fun. You can't even tell your pregnant!

And speaking of missing little D, I miss him too! When can I see him again?

Melanie said...

Glad you guys enjoyed yourself. I admit, I totally forgot you were pregnant - you certainly don't look it in those pics. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair that colour.

Amanda said...

I have vacation envy. One of these days I'll go on a tropical cruise when the weather is bleak here. But after all the talk, I guess we won't be taking Ethan. Babies... they ruin all the fun. But then again, you miss them so much when they're not around, so where is the happy medium?!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

What a great time and a fun Baby Moon for you with the next little Richards on the way. Tell Bryson I like his tank top in Key West! XOXO

Anna said...

So fun! Glad you and Bryson were able to enjoy some sun & fun. Chris & I are taking a trip to San Francisco without Sascha in a few weeks, while I am excited about the trip I am dreading leaving my baby girl. Any tips?

Ang said...

Looks like you had a wonderful much needed vacation! Isn't it funny that you go on vacation and all you can think about is your little one at home even though you know they are totally fine? So you don't look prego at all in any of these pictures! We took the twins on our cruise, and while it was very fun, relaxing is not a word that I would use to describe it! Glad y'all got away for a while!

Kathy said...

Sounds like so much fun! That's great you guys got away before baby #2 arrives!

Jewels said...

Hi! It's been forever since I've commented on here...what a fun 4 days! A cruise sounds like Heaven, I'm so glad you two were able to spend some dreamy time together. Whenever Cody and I are able to get away we always miss our boys so much. The trips are super fun and relaxing, but we're always ready to squeeze the babies!

PS - You're a hottie! Happy Mothers Day!!

Steve and Dayna said...

JEALOUS!! Great pictures!! Jen- you are gorgeous! I wish I had looked that good during my early/mid pregnancy... or ever really. What a hottie you are with your darker locks. Looks like you guys had a great time. Can't wait to see you in about a month!