Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!

I know this is very late, but I hope ALL the wonderful moms out there had a great Mother's Day! I have decided that Mother's Day is really a day of gratitude for so many reason. Here is a small list of the things I felt grateful for last Sunday:

1) My own wonderful mother who to this day continues to show me how to be a loving and selfless mother.

2) The incredible opportunity I have on this Earth to care for and nurture children of my own. I don't think about it enough (nor give enough thanks) for such an amazing gift that we women have! How awesome to be entrusted with beautiful spirits to raise. It is such a joy and I feel so very blessed get to take on the challenge of being a mother.

3) I am so fortunate to have such great examples of mothers all around me; my mom, sister Kate, mother-in-law Cindy , sister-in-law Shannon, and all my friends who are raising children as well. They are all such inspirations to me and continually make me want to be a better mother.

4) And last but definitely not least, my wonderful husband, Bryson. Bryson makes me feel like I am the best mom in the world. He works so hard to support my in my role and inspires me to be better every day. I could never ever do it without him.

Speaking of my cute hubby- even after working a 27 hour shift in the hospital (with NO sleep), he came home on Sunday morning, got Daniel ready, went to church, and surprised me with cards, beautiful flowers, and a delicious chocolate cake. He is the BEST!

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Anna said...

Way to go Bryson! And you really are a wonderful mother, Jen.