Friday, May 29, 2009

No Show :(

For all of you that tuned into 'Rate My Space' last night ... they aired the wrong show!! I was SO bummed as I have been waiting months to see their episode :( I guess producers from the show called Katy yesterday to apologize and told her that their show will air this Saturday night (tomorrow night). Hopefully you will be able to catch that one. Sorry for the mess-up!

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Mindi said...

So, we tried watching the first episode and (unless you have a sista' that you weren't telling me about), it wasn't what I was expecting. Then, of course, I found out about the correction about two hours after the show had aired.

I'm looking on HGTV to find the episode online.. what was the theme or title of the show? Just so I know which one is the right one.. can't wait to see your famous sister!

Question: Does the show pay for everything? Or does your sister? Did she nominate herself? How does it work? ... or should I just watch the show and all my questions will be answered?