Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This summer is flying by and we have been busy! Between birthdays, trips, and holidays I have had little time to blog- but here are a few highlights from the past few months :)
Daniel's 2nd Birthday Party
The summer started off with Daniel's 2nd birthday on June 1st. I planned it as a swim party, but since it was in the mid 60's, only a few kids braved the water. Luckily Bryson came to the rescue by putting warm water in the pool, so I guess it was not too frigid. The pictures are actually out of order, but it was a great day filled with pizza, cake, swimming, presents, sandbox, balloons, and of course, friends.
Daniel looks cold but having fun with friends
The Happy Happy Birthday Boy!

Loving the cake

He easily blew out his candle and wanted to 'do it again'!
Some of the attendees

It is SO fun to be 2!

One of the 2 cakes I made (It was an attempt to make a Disney 'Cars' cake)

This one was a little prettier

Some of the party food

Memorial Day

What is better than a cupcake in the pool? I really don't know.

Lots of babies!
Some of the delish food we ate that day
Bryson's Plastic Surgery Gradation Party
(No... he did not graduate, but will in 4 years!)
Some of Bryson's good friends in the program
Us at the very fun party
4th of July

At a surgical resident BBQ

Enjoying the great weather
This picture is not the best quality, but it was dark and I did not have my good camera. We watched the fireworks next to the Genessee River downtown Rochester. Since we were literally RIGHT under where they were lighting them off, they were the BEST fireworks I have ever seen!! Daniel loved them.
Brown's Berry Patch

Feeding the goats

The Fam on the enormous jump pad

Daniel helping me look for the ripe raspberries.

Bryson pulling our little berry picker on the wagon

We learned that if you let your little 2 year-old eat pounds and pounds of berries, they will have some GI issues later that night! Poor Daniel, but at least he had fun while we were there!

MORE PICS TO COME! I did not have my camera while we were vacationing in Las Vegas with my family, but as soon as I get the pics I will post them :) Hope you are having a great summer!