Monday, August 3, 2009


This summer has been so wonderful so far. We have been so spoiled as we have been able to spend so much time with family and in the sun! I uploaded my pictures out of order, and I am having a hard time moving them around, so I am starting with the end of our vacation and working forward.

We ended our vacation with a great night in Las Vegas. My sister Katy got my mom, dad, Bryson, Lizzy, and Nancy all tickets to go to the Donny and Marie Show. They were so cute and we got to go backstage and meet them afterward. Then we went to Lawry's for a fabulous prime rib dinner- it was so delicious!

We spent a few nights out on the houseboat at Lake Mead. The weather was hot (of course) but the water was perfect.
This looks rather uncomfortable- poor kid!

Bryson looked great out on the wakeboard despite the fact it was his first time this season

Before we went to the Las Vegas and the lake, we spent 4 days on Solana Beach in San Diego. We could not have asked for better weather and it was SO fun to spend time with Katy, Justin, Tommy, and Lizzy (and of course my Dad).
Daniel and my dad at the San Diego Zoo. He loved riding the 'big zoo school bus'

Katy and I in front of the Panda exhibit

Tommy and Daniel loving the fish

The orangutans were so cute. They were just as interested in us as we were in them.

Tommy relaxing in the flower beds in front of the beach house

Lizzy and Daniel buried in the sand

beautiful little lizzy on the beach

The grand kids burying grandpa

The weekend before we headed out West, Bryson's family came up to visit. It was a short trip, but we were able to do so much, including the Palmyra Pageant.


playing on Lake Ontario Beach

yes...the water is green due to an algae outbreak, but Daniel still managed to have a great time. I, however, did not go anywhere near the water.

Daniel, Lauren, and Adam

Lauren and I checking out the skate board competition at the lake.


Crystal and Morgan said...

Jen! Thank you for this post! I am so jealous of your fun summer while I am in school full time and working!!! I wish I was there when my fam came to visit. But, I geuss Deep Creek is coming up (so excited)and I can't wait to see ya there!!!
p.s. you looks absolutely gorgeous in your pics bryson is one lucky guy

Kathy said...

Ok, that picture of Daniel in the life jacket and no diaper is cracking me up, poor guy, haha.
Looks like it's been a fun summer :) You guys look great!

Anna said...

You guys are crazy travelers! Glad you had fun, glad to have you back.

Dayna said...

I am so happy you updated your blog!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you are having a fun summer. You are one HOT pregnant woman!! Seriously, you look amazing. You look like you haven't gained any weight (except for that round tummy!). Danny is so cute in all these pictures. I CAN'T WAIT to see him (and you and bryson) at the lake this summer. I love you!

Haley said...

I've been wondering where you are! I, for one, am glad you are home. We'll have to get together so you can fill me in. You guys look great! You are one of those lucky pregnant girls who look fantastic!

ryan and laura said...

you look great and your tummy is so cute! love the brown hair! cant wait to see you this weekend!

Shannon and Kevin said...

You've been having some fun!! I'm so sad we couldn't come up to visit when my family came. I know they had a great time! You are always such a generous host. I love your pictures from your vacation to the beach and Vegas. Danny is getting SO big - I can't wait to see him. and I have to echo everyone else's comments - you look so gorgeous! I love when you curl your hair! it looks so great! you've got to show me your trick to a successful curl.... see you soon!!

Lindsey said...

jen, you look soooo cute! when is your baby due?

Sheryl said...

hey guys...taylor's in ward now. it's so fun having a mini-bryson in the ward minus the grey hair. looks like you had a fun summer! you look great guys!

Kathryn Cannon said...

What a fun week! I miss you already. Well actually I miss Daniel-Greg the most!! Give him a big kiss from me and Fizzytommy

Angie said...

Ha, before I even got to the bottom of the post and saw people I know, I could tell your hubby was Dayna's brother! They all look SO much alike to me. Cookie cutter children.

Okay and I lived in Rochester when I was like two years old, my dad did his orthodontic residency there! Crazy!

Angie said...

Oh and I noticed you used to be blonde and now you're brunette. What do you think about the change? Which do you like better? After hearing the astronomical prices of having your hair regularly highlighted in NYC, I'm considering going natural.

Lauren said...

What a fun summer Jen. You look great - I love your hair dark:)

Kathryn Cannon said...

Lizzy wants me to tell you she loves the pictures and she is a little jealous that you went bowling without her. She is literally laughing out loud. We miss you guys!

P.S. said...

You look darling as ever, looks like you guys are living it up!

By the way, did your grandparents tell you that Tiff and I went to lunch with them?!!!