Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big 30!

Yes... my sweet hubby turned 30 today!! I can't believe it. We already celebrated the big day with a little bowling party last weekend (I will post some pics in the near future) since Bryson has a really hectic week. This morning he came home after a 27 hour shift and the three of us had a yummy German Pancake breakfast and opened cards and gifts.
At his little shin-dig I had a contest to see how well 'you know Bryson and the year he was born-1979'. Here are the questions I asked:
How well do you know Bryson (and 1979- the great year he was born)?

1) Bryson was born in:
a. Maryland
b. Utah
c. Texas
d. Virginia
2) What was the top hit on the Billboards Chart in 1979?
a. We are family- Sister Sledge
b. Message in a bottle- The Police
c. Rapper’s Delight- The Sugarhill Gang
d. Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd
3) How much did a stamp cost?
a. $0.11
b. $0.13
c. $0.15
d. $0.17
4) Bryson did the following to celebrate his Elementary School Graduation:
a. Ditch school and the big graduation
b. Put 2 snakes in his teacher’s desk
c. Rent a limo to pick him and his friends up outside of the school to go get lunch and baseball cards.
d. Start the school on fire.
5) Bryson is the ___________ of 10 kids?
a) Oldest
b) Youngest
c) Middle
d) Are you crazy- he does not come from 10 kids!
6) The top grossing movie of 1979 was:
a. Kramer vs. Kramer
b. The Muppet Movie
c. The China Syndrome
d. Star Trek: The Motion Picture
7) Bryson is fluent in what language (other than English):
a. Spanish
b. French
c. Portuguese
d. German
8) Who won the Super Bowl in 1979?
a. Steelers
b. Cowboys
c. Chargers
d. Seahawks
9) Bryson played the following instrument as a kid:
a. Tuba
b. Piano
c. Sax
d. Violin
10) Bryson was pulled over and taken to jail wearing a mullet, cut off shirt, and sporting a few sweet fake tattoos (on his way to a Monster Truck Rally with friends in college) for the following:
a. Failure to yield to a pedestrian
b. Unpaid Parking tickets (which had been sent to his 80 year-old grandma’s house)
c. Expired Registration (which the notice was sent to his 80 year-old grandma’s house)
d. Expired license (which the notice was sent to his 80 year-old grandma’s house)
11) True or False? Bryson is an Eagle Scout:
a. True
b. False
12) One of Bryson’s hidden talents is:
a. Karaoke
b. Chess
c. Curling
d. Ballroom Dancing
13) Bryson played collegiate lacrosse (and intramural soccer), but what was his favorite thing to do in college?
a. Study for Organic Chemistry
b. Pick up chicks
c. Rock climb
d. Snow ski
14) Which baby is Bryson?




Answers: 1) D 2) D 3) B 4) C 5) A 6) A 7) C 8) A 9) B 10) D (probably B too) 11) C

Hope you have a great day Bryson!!! I am so proud of all you have accomplished in your 30 years and cannot wait to see what the next 30 hold for both you and us :)


Anna said...

So cute. I totally thought he was baby B. : ) Happy Birthday, Bryson!

Dayna said...

OK THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I think I knew all the answers for Bryson but not sure about the other questions.... and definitely not sure about the baby photo.. they all look like him!! haha jk. What a clever idea!!! HAPPY 30TH BRYSON!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ha, jk. its dayna. but steve and jayne say they love you too.

Sheryl said...

hahaha! Baby B. Cute. Happy Birthday Bryson. As you get older that makes me feel kind of old since I met you pre-gray hair! oh good times!

Julianne said...

Happy BIrthday Bryson! Steve turns 30 this month too! CRAZY. When did we get old? This is such a cute idea... love it!