Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I cannot believe that I only have 3 weeks left before the big due date! I am getting so anxious to meet our new little boy. I do have to say that I am nervous to go through labor and even more nervous about having a newborn in the house again (I just remember sitting on the couch and nursing for what felt like ALL DAY LONG with Daniel!), but I know everything will work out well (plus my dear mother will be here to help).
Daniel seems to be in denial about the whole thing, that, or he really just does not care. This was our conversation this morning:

Me: Daniel, is mom's tummy getting SO big!
Daniel: Yes (which sounds like Yeth- he has a slight lisp), mommy's tummy is so BIG!
Me: Your little brother is in my tummy. Are you excited to meet him soon?
Daniel: Um... no.
Me: You don't want a little brother?
Daniel: No... a kitty!

This is one of our many conversations that usually end of with him either ignoring me when I ask about the baby or telling me there is a puppy or kitty in my stomach. I am very afraid that he is going to be in complete shock when we bring home a new baby! For all of you that have 2+ kids, please send some advice or insight my way as to how I can make this transition easier for little D- I would love to hear from you!
As for me, I have definitely hit that point where I feel pretty uncomfortable most of the time. Eating has become somewhat of a nightmare as anything (ANYTHING) I eat gives me heartburn and if I eat past 6 or so, I pretty much suffer all night long. But I really cannot complain too much- both me and the baby are happy and healthy and do not have much longer to go :) Again, I cannot wait to meet this little guy!!
Bryson took this pic the night we went out to celebrate my 28th B-day.


Dayna said...

woohoo congrats!!!!!

Chris said...

Sascha's a bit younger than Danny, but she's been rolling really well with Adelle. At first, she kind of was just giving us an indifferent/puzzled look as if to ask:

"So, what's the arrangement here? I've noticed that she's here when I go to bed and is still here when I wake up. Are her parents coming to pick her up at some point or what?"

It was really helpful, I think, that Anna'd babysat a neighbor's daughter once a week for a couple of months. Not sure if that provides anything you can work with, but if he's been around other kids at any point that should help. Having special toys that she plays with ONLY when Mommy nurses has been helpful too. Honestly, it's been tougher on us than on her to have to divide our attention. :)

Burnhams said...

Parker was a little younger than Danny, but week one, he completely ignored the baby, and me. It was kind of sad. Week 2 he just wanted to hurt the baby, and by week 3, he was actually showing some loving interest. I think the more you force it on them, the worse it is. Gradually, Danny will just come to love the baby like you do. Now Parker is always really concerned about Blake and wants to hold him, get diapers for him, etc. I tried to make a lot of one on one Parker time, especially at first. So, when ever Blake was sleeping-- which was quite a bit, Park and I read books, sang songs, played a lot! I think this helped him to realize that I still loved him too.

Over all, I think Parker took the transition better than I did. I didn't realize that I was going to love Blake so much so quickly, and started to feel really bad that I could love another baby as much as I loved my first-- it was weird, but so wonderful!

Sorry, that was long, but you will love life with 2 boys! Hang in there these next few weeks!

Katie said...

HI JEN!! I am so glad I found your blog. Thanks for the compliment on Hannah's party. It was one of the easiest parties I have ever done. I wasn't completely exhausted after. I am so excited for you! You are getting SO close and you look GREAT!! I think if you go into this whole experience knowing that it will be an adjustment and just take it one day at a time life will seem better. There is a period where D will feet jealous and do things (especially while you are nursing) to get your attention. Maybe you could let us watch to baby sometime and you could take him out for ice cream...just you and him. Some days will seem bad but they will pass and overall I think D will love having a brother to wrestle with! Lots of love! Let me know how I can help you!

Shannon and Kevin said...

Wow - I really haven't seen you in a while - you are looking about ready to POP! I am so excited for a new nephew and I'm sure Daniel will be such a cute, sweet big brother once the baby arrives. I can't wait to meet the little guy at Christmas. Love you Jen!!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

You are so beautiful! I was a freaking whale at 37 weeks. It looked like I ate a dang horse :)

So does baby boy have a name yet??

Corey and Amber said...

roll playing usually works. I know daniel is a boy but get a doll to roll play with so he understands that a baby is coming and that he knows your time is going to be divided between him and a newborn. help him to change a dipaer and feed (prob with a bottle) and stuff like that so he knows that it is necessary and it won't be shocking.

ryan and laura said...

your belly is darling! you will do great with labor and delivery...but living with 3 boys in the house...I'm not sure about that! at least you can be a princess for always! good luck with everything! hopefully we can come up sometime before the end of the year and visit you and the baby

Haley said...

Jen! I fixed my voice mail :).

Here's what I did. It's probably been mentioned too, but you know. Jacob did not want "the baby" to come home from the hospital. I had my Mom buy him a gift from Trevor. That seemed to help things a bit. I was also glad that I was given some advice before I brought Trevor home. I don't remember who told me to pay as much attention as I could to Jacob. The baby didn't need me like Jacob did during that transition. After a month he realized that Trevor wasn't going to go away and things chilled out a bit. Good luck!! I'm so excited for you!

Dayna said...

what if it did come out a kitty??

Holly said...

jen, you look great! and i'm so excited for you and the new addition, keep us posted on how everything is going! it's been awhile since we've talked but i think of you often and glad to see you're doing well- love you!

Lindsey said...

You look beautiful, Jen! I am so excited for you.

callie said...

my goodness girl! you are almost there! so excited for you and bryson!

you will (stress on the future sense of "will") love having 2 close together. at first, its just a little crazy. but i love love love having these two...hannah really didn't notice madeline but it was of course just hard when they are BOTH crying, were BOTH hungry, or BOTH need you...cause they will. but now it is the dreamiest thing. its hilarious listening to them play together...mine really are the best of friends. its the cutest thing.

can't wait for you jen and hopefully i'll get to see both of your boys when you come out for visit!

Dayna said...


jen said...

hey, you are just ahead of me! good luck to you, friend. my second delivery was almost a breeze, i wish you the same!
will be excited to hear the news. congratulations!

Kathryn Cannon said...

Hot mama!

George Family said...

Aww Jen! You look beautiful - as always! The pictures of Daniel are ADORABLE! I can't wait to hear about the next little guy!