Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer, Part II

I cannot believe it is September and we are drawing near to Fall. Summer is pretty much over- where did the time go? I am so excited for our upstate NY fall, but I will miss all the warm weather and sun we have enjoyed this summer. I also could not have been happier spending so much time with our loved ones- what a treat :) As always, my pictures are out of order. We spent 2 fabulous weeks at Deep Creek this year with the Richards. Daniel and I drove home and on our way, we stopped by NYC to spend some time with Marylynn and Zoe Thomas. Here are the pics:

Marylynn and I with Daniel and Zoe in Times Square

Daniel could not figure out why he could not eat this large and wonderful M&M

It was a struggle leaving FAO Schwartz without 20 stuffed animals, but we managed to do it!

I really think he would have played on the piano all day. I finally had to take him off since there was a large line forming to get on, but he was SO cute running up and down the keys.

Chasing pigeons in Columbus Circle


On the boat with two of my favorite girls (and little Jordy & Jayne)

Yes... we had the annual 'Richards' Challenge', and as it is every year, my team rocked it!!

Daniel being cuddled by his aunts Crystal and Lauren

Bryson and Frank hanging out in front of the campfire

Daniel, Jordan, and Ryan throwing rocks into the water

Jordan's famous 'smile' face
Climbing rocks on the beach

Daniel came up to me with this very determined face and said "I wanna hit momma!'

Then he hit me with the noodle and made this face.

What is better than running around outside barefoot with a chocolate ice cream? I am not sure

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting our precious new niece Jayne Magelby!! I must tell you that this girl is so beautiful and may be the best baby I have ever been around. I was there 2 weeks and I may have heard her cry 2 or 3 times- honestly!!


Crystal and Morgan said...

Thank you thank you thank you for this post!!! I miss you guys so much! Daniel is so handsome/adorable its ridiculous! Im sad summer is over but I am sooooo glad I got to see you guys. And I can't wait to meet my new nephew! Ah! I hope everything is going well and give daniel a kiss from me.

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

Those eyes and those curls make me smile. You look pretty amazing mama! I'm glad you guys had so much fun. We miss you!!

Burnhams said...

I agree- this summer has just flown by! Looks like you made the most of it, and had fun! Hope you are feeling well in this final stretch!