Monday, November 16, 2009

One Month

1 Month!

James is a month old and is all smiles. His Uncle Taylor came in town for the weekend and he could not stop smiling the whole time he was here! James is also starting to coo and make other sweet little noises- I just love it! What a sweetheart. Daniel is becoming more loving with James and actually scolded Taylor a few times when he picked the baby up saying "that's mommy's baby! Put down!" He also reminded me to be 'gentle' yesterday when I was holding him. Thank you Daniel :)
Taylor trying to get little J to smile

Here are his stats from his 1 month check-up:

Height: 23 3/4 Inches - 95%

Weight: 12lb 8oz - 95%

Head Circumference: 15" - 50%

Sunday, November 8, 2009

3 Weeks Old

3 weeks have come and gone faster than I can believe. Little James is a dream come true and both Bryson and I look at him and cannot believe he is ours. He eats all the time (and really prefers his meals at night) and weighed in at 11 pounds 6 oz at his 2 week appointment, so we are not really sure what his current weight is. He loves to be held all the time and wants so badly to hold his head up and be part of the conversation when are all sitting around. I think he prefers noise and activity since he becomes unsettled when placed in dark, quiet room, but this works wonderfully as Daniel is anything but quiet around him. Daniel is slowly warming up to the idea of a new little guy in the house and has thankfully been very gentle around him. I found him yesterday sitting behind James, holding his head and kissing him. It was so touched to see how sweet he was with the baby he calls proudly 'my little brother'.
I am hanging in there. I don't ever remember being so tired in all my life and unfortunately yesterday Daniel learned to climb out of his crib. I woke up 20 minutes into my nap (after feeding James every 1 1/2 hours all night long) to a little boy sitting on legs saying "mommy, wake up!". Hopefully this is not the end of Daniel's napping!
Thankfully we have been showered with love from so many people here in Rochester (and all over as well). I have had one wonderful meal after another delivered to my door, sweet friends stop by to see the baby, and a few mornings when people have picked up Daniel for a couple hours so I could rest. We really could not feel any more loved- so thank you!
Here are some recent photos of our cute little guy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy be-lated Halloween!

I know this is a little late (now that baby #2 is here, everything seems to happen a little late!) but here are our pics from Halloween. I hope you all had a great night of trick or treating!

My cute little spider. He actually asked to be a spider this year and my mom miraculously found this great costume when she was out here a few weeks ago.
The loot. Not bad for a 2 year-old!

Our spider and little pumpkin. Daniel had such a great night and has asked me every night since to go trick or treating again. I wonder how long this is going to last!