Friday, February 26, 2010

i love sweet potatoes! i really do love sweet potatoes (baked with sea salt) but this post goes out to shelly stoddard for the amazing photos she took of me and the boys a few weeks back. Her photo company is called sweet potato photography (how cute is that!) and i have to say she is awesome! here are the photos. thanks shelly!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winter trip to d.c.

Bryson had a weekend we braved the crazy Maryland snow and drove down to Deep Creek. We had a great time, especially Daniel. He loved playing in the snow with his dad and hanging out with his cousin jordan and his aunts and uncles. bryson left that sunday and me and the boys drove to potomac for a few days. we all had a wonderful time.

bryson showing daniel how to sled

watching the olympics with a nice bowl of popcorn

riding the d.c. metro with jordie

the natural history museum

shannon and jordie on the metro. doesn't jordan look like such a cool little kid in this pic? love it!

daniel trying to get us kicked out of the museum as he climbs on the exhibits

the cousins looking at the dinosaurs

shannon, the boys, cindy, and myself on the mall

d and me on the train.
me and shan at the wizards game. it was a good game and we won!

james and 'g-man'. he was passing out free chipolte burritos during the game and he popped on into james's car seat! everyone around us got a good laugh- except james since he slept pretty much the whole game.

james and his grandpa

me and my boy

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sunday at home

here are a some pics from last sunday- nothing special, just a few shots of my 3 favorite boys

james is becoming more and more elated with sucking on his fingers. He is very serious about this big task, as you can tell from the above picture.
bryson does not make it to church often these days (he is not going inactive, just works 80 + hours a week) so it really is a special treat when he is there.

daniel showing james how to use the 'nonoculars', as he calls them. james is wondering why he daniel gets to have all the fun while he is stuck playing with some lame rings.

oh, i guess the rings are not that bad!

happy little guy :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

just a winter day

a few days ago the weather outside was frightful...
so we stayed inside and made something delightful...
but daniel passed on the warm cookies as he said he was "too busy with my dough". He spent hours that afternoon creating little sea animals...he is really starting to love to 'play'.

meanwhile, james was busy watching his big brother at work
that night daniel grabbed his favorite fireman hat and book and said, "mommy, can i read you a story?"
when did my little boy get so big?