Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Fever

i think i almost forgot what 80 degrees feels like until this week- it has been gorgeous in rochester! just perfect weather for our easter weekend. before the big hunt of friday morning at buckland park, we went to a delicious breakfast place called the maple tree inn with some friends. it was a bit of a drive, but i could never pass up all you can eat buckwheat pancakes with real maple syrup- amazing!!

here is the good looking crew who met for breakfast
no pancakes for james- poor little guy.

daniel eyeing the delicious pancake platter

such cute boys

some of the views on our drive to the inn

one of the many little upstate ny towns we drove through. i bet 'nun' of you have been to nunda, ny!

this shop looked so adorable. had the two boys not been so sleepy in the back, i would have gone inside.
on friday we had a big easter egg hunt at buckland park. it was so much fun and i hope it becomes a yearly tradition.
the easter brunch before the hunt

the adorable table decor provided by janette hansen

very excited about easter!

daniel checking out the area before the hunt began- he gave it a 'thumbs up'

daniel and his buddy adam

the cute kiddos lined up before we started

the big hunt (and yes, daniel's mother forgot his basket so he had to use a lame plastic bag!)

Daniel was only interested in collecting the 'football and basketball' eggs.

the next morning I decided to put the boys into their 'super-duper' outfits for a little photo shoot. daniel was very disturbed that james was wearing his 'super-duper' (as you can see from the photos below). i guess it can be very hard to share your super-hero status with your younger brother.

james seems a little nervous about Daniel being so upset.

james feels badly for causing Daniel so much grief. he reaches for him and says "there, there, brother, everything is going to be ok".

well, at least 1 super-duper hero is happy


natalie said...

darling pictures! that last one of james is adorable. look at those eyes :) :)

Kathryn Cannon said...

You guys are so cute. Miss you. See you in a month! Lizzy likes the picture in the superman outfit. She says "I love you guys"

George Family said...

Jen! Your family is so beautiful and just makes me look forward to mine getting to be the same age as yours...but then it makes me sad because I want them to be little forever. Two boys is so much fun, isn't it?! I love you guys.

Ang said...

love the narration of the super-duper outfits! Very cute photos...glad you got to have some nice weather for Easter Weekend!