Sunday, May 2, 2010


This post is more like 10 posts in one, but I have been terrible at getting on blogger these days. This is basically our spring in a nut shell- hope you enjoy!

We went to D.C. last weekend for Bryson to attend a Plastic Surgery Conference and we got the better end of the deal as we hung out with Jordan and Shannon and the rest of Bryson's fam the whole weekend.

I wish I had more photos- but I never seemed to have my camera.

Cute cousins!!

My mom came into town the week before. We had quite a week!! She has more energy than anyone I know and were able to do so many fun things while she was here. Not only did we tour Rochester, but we weeded and cleaned out my whole yard and garden, started my seeds for the garden, and painted my basement! Thanks mom! You are the best and we miss you.
The boys with their grandma

My mom turned 52 this week. She looks amazing and I actually get a little tired of everyone asking if she is my sister. I know she looks young, but do I really look like I have a 50 year-old sister? Not sure how to take this one.

We had a little red velvet cake and ice cream to celebrate.

The weather has been beautiful here. I am so thrilled that spring is here. My flowers are all blooming and everything is (finally) turning green.

I would like to introduce you to Slimy the snail. He is Daniel's first pet and actually survived a whole week under his care.

I asked Daniel to pose with Slimy and he stood up tall next to him. I think he is trying to escape while Daniel is not looking.

James turned 6 months!! Where has the time gone? We had his check-up this week. He is still huge! 21 pounds and 29.5 inches tall!

Mom and James

Our pictures are a little out of order, but we went to the Peter Whitmer Farm in Fayette, NY. It was a beautiful drive and very cool to visit where the church was first organized.

Daniel outside the farm house.

We also went to the Rochester Zoo. Daniel is with my friend Laura Shipp who happens to be a zookeeper at the zoo. She gave us a great tour of the zoo and even showed Daniel how to use his toy cars to play with the seals.

Laura showing us the Emu

The Arctic Wolves

And what would be a visit from Grandma if we did not go to Chuck E Cheese at least once while she was here?

This was Daniel and James first bath together.

And last but not least, Easter! We had a great dinner with some friends. The best time was had by Daniel and his friends at the 'kid' table.

the delicious spread

and we were so happy that the Easter Bunny stopped by. He left a few fun toys for the boys.

maybe James was a little nervous when we told him that a large bunny came and brought him toys in the middle of the night!

daniel and his basket


Ang said...

Wow that is quite the catch up! So many fun things happening in your world right now! I can't believe that James is already 6 months old...I swear you just had him. Your mom does look fabulous for 52...grandmas with lots of energy are the best. It looks like Daniel really is best buds with fun!

Laura said...

love the post! so many things to say:

- I love seeing photos of you in palmyra. we have a photo every year of the kids sitting in front of the smith family farm. kinda turned into a tradition but it's fun to see them in front of that door!

- you're mom is awesome! looks like she had so much fun with the boys and you got a lot done!

- LOVE how daniel has a snail for a pet! hilarious!

miss you guys!

Amanda said...

Maybe I've been watching too much Sesame Street, but isn't slimey the worm? Still, a good name for a snail! And can I just say that your boys were 10X more adorable in person in those cute little Sunday duds when your Mom was here to visit? Seriously, they are such dapper little men. Oh, and I'm glad we got to feast with you at Easter. I haven't enjoyed a meal a delicious meal like that since then.

Dayna said...

Loved seeing all the recent pictures!!! Danny and Jordan look so cute together- especially the hugging picture- ha! I can not get over how big James is getting- he is SO CUTE. Seriously. Such a beautiful BABY!!! I can't wait to see him and give him some serious lovin'. He is adorable. I bet you are just loving life with your boys. How fun. And yes your mom does look AMAZING but you do too (and definitely do not look older than you are if thats what you are concerned about... ha)

Rachel Kirkham said...

Looks like so much fun! We miss you guys so much and hope to see you soon!!!

Shannon and Kevin said...

what a great update! I love all the pictures! I love how animated Danny and James are - so full of personality! Love you guys!

Mindi said...

Yay, a catch up! I think James at 6-months has the same stats as Gavin had at his 12-month check up! Go mama! He is building your muscles! :)

So cute! Fun to have family visitor.. and to be able to go visit family! Thanks for the update. And, yes, it would be fun to be closer.. so our boys could play. I know they would have so much fun! Besides.. then we could play too. Take care!

Burnhams said...

Don't you just love having 2 little boys!?!?! Yours are so cute! It would be fun to get them all together sometime.