Tuesday, June 29, 2010

D is 3!!

Happy 3rd Birthday little D!!! What a wonderful boy you are! And what a great birthday you had :) We were in Las Vegas with your cousins, aunts, and Grandma & Grandpa, so we had a big family party. Of course, it was not just any party, at your request, it was a Toy Story party!
We started the big day off eating donuts, chocolate milk, and watching Toy Story. Then you went to the park and then took a nap. While you were sleeping, your wonderful Grandma and myself (well, mostly grandma) decorated the whole house for your big party. She had streamers, toy story toys hanging from the chandelier with balloons, toy story cupcakes, pin the badge on woody game, and toy story plates and cups. We made your favorite dinner- mac n cheese, hot dogs, and corn on the cob.
You woke up so excited to see all the decor and you and your cousins started the party off swimming. We had a big BBQ and then you opened your gifts. That night we played games and went swimming again. It was a great day for a great little guy. You are the best Daniel and I cannot believe you are 3!? I am so proud of what a wonderful and sweet big brother you are, how witty and smart you are, and how much you love to have fun and laugh. You are such a sweetheart and bring us so much joy.


Amanda said...

That would have been the party of Ethan's dreams! I love Daniel's hair in the morning while eating a donut and I'm still waiting for James to get that hair (maybe not the bedhead but the amazing curls). Glad Daniel had a great birthday with the family.

Haley said...

That looks like a three year old's dream party. So much fun . . . AND so glad you're back!!

Kathryn Cannon said...

We are so happy we got to spend Daniel Gregg's birthday with him! What a fun day! We miss him!