Monday, June 28, 2010

So long, farewell little Mitty

Disclaimer: before you read this post, I just want you to know that my son is (well, was) a binky addict. He has LOVED his binky and even has a cute little pet name for it- Mitty. He asks for it all the time and even wants to take it everywhere with him (note that it even came to all his black tie events- as pictured above :)

So Bryson and I decided months and months ago that when Daniel turned 3 we would get rid of the mitty. And speaking of turning 3, I have about 10 blog posts to do for his big Toy Story B-day, and our trips to California, Utah, and Vegas. But for now, I am going to write about our traumatic past week :) I literally feel like we have been running a rehab center here (for Mitty addictions!!!).

We took him down last week to Buy Buy Baby to exchange his 'mitties' for toys. That went very smoothly until we got home and he asked for the (let's just call it M for short) M. All night he cried until around 1 am. It was so sad.

Day 2: He wakes up and first thing he asked for the M. He then walks around the house crying "Mitty, Mitty, where are you? I need you!! Please come back to me, please!! I am so sad". Again, this broke my heart, but I knew that I had to be strong. Then he pretty much cries for it the rest of the day.

Day 3: He does not ask for it much until that night when we are reading stories in his bed and he says "Mom, can I just have one Mitty- just 1, for just a 1 minute"? This is pretty clever, but I held strong (it was difficult).

Day 4: He asks for the M in the morning, but gets over the fact that he does not have it pretty quickly. I am feeding James in his high chair when I hear Daniel walking down the stairs going "interesting Momma, very interesting." I initially ignore this until he comes to the kitchen and I see that he is holding an M in his hand and continues to go "interesting Momma, this that I found is very interesting". I walk over and ask for it. He hands it to me and then I throw it away. Of course he cries a minute or two, but then it is over. Poor kid. I really thought that I had found ALL the Ms in the house. But he found it to be very interesting! (I and found it amazing that he brought it down to me and did not put it in his mouth).

Day 5: Daniel does not ask for the M all day. That night he even tells me "Momma, I am big. I do not need a Mitty. Those are just for babies". I give him a hug and tell him how proud I am of him.

Day 6: Daniel's left pointer finger gets slammed in a large metal door at our local pool after a fun day of swimming. He is crying on our way to the hospital to get an X-ray. He then tells me "Momma, I could REALLY use a Mitty right now!". What a funny guy!! That was the last I heard of it, but it was hard not to give in as I knew he was in so much pain. He ends up breaking the top bone in his finger (I will post a pic). Poor kid.

So he has been M free for over a week and has not asked about it again. So far so good. Now today we are weaning Jamesie as he has a major biting problem and has not taken a bottle since he was 2 months old. It has been fun week at the Richards house! Good thing Uncle Jayson and Aunt Lauren came up from Maryland this weekend to cheer us up a bit!! They left today and I promise to post some great pics from the B-day, our trips, and our visit with Jayson and Lauren.

Hope you are having a great summer!!!


Laura said...

stay strong! daniel is so smart and clever! cracks me up! we are going through the same binkie withdrawls with our little 18month old....i just want to give it to her so she'll be quiet and sleep! it's the worst! thanks for the motivation!

Angela said...

This post is hilarious!

jean13i said...

Hey Jen! I feel your pain. We recently took away PT's binky just before he turned four and it's been quite a process. We resorted to bribery with Monster Trucks to get it out of his mouth for good.

Daniel's blue eyes are adorable.

Amanda said...

I'm still amazed that Ethan gave his up so easily. Who knows how our next one will be, but I don't think any child will ever create such interesting nicknames for their loved possessions as Daniel has. He is such a character. Does he at least like the toys he traded in for the pacifiers?

Dayna said...

i literally laughed out loud through this entire post. HILARIOUS! daniel is the funniest/smartest little boy. way to go for staying strong. i kept expecting you to tell us you caved in after all his tactics.. and i'm very impressed you held out! and i hope daniel's finger is ok!!!! i can't believe that. so so sad. tell him aunt dayna hopes he feels better really soon. miss you guys!!!

Anna said...

Oh his poor finger! Good luck with James. I feel your pain (only on the front end of nursing).

henderson said...

Wow, you are super woman to take on the binky and weaning in one week!! And your post was so hilarious--Daniel is so funny!

Let me know if you have time for a playdate any time soon!

Mindi said...

Wow Jen, your blog looks high-tech! :) Way to go Danny.. so hard to let go of such a beloved friend. Now good luck with the next weaning process... no fun at all!

Haley said...

Laughing out loud right now. You'll be so happy you have this post to remember!! RIP Mitty.