Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great times at Deep Creek!

We had a blast this year at Deep Creek, MD with Bryson's family (all 18 of us!). We spent 3 wonderful weeks there and I am already looking forward to next year!
This was the giant water slide/climbing wall that Jordan and Daniel absolutely loved to play on

James with cousin Jayne
James with Taylor

One of the many campfires we had at night. I think Daniel ate his weight in marshmallows every night.
Cute Jordan

The crab shells left over from our Maryland Crab feast
We all designed our own shirts for the 5th annual Richards Challenge. Sadly, my team lost for the first time this year!

My little sister Steph came out for the last week- I LOVED having her there. Here we are ready to canoe down the river.

We went to the Garrett County Fair to ride the rides and see all the animals.

Daniel's first fishing pole given to him by his Aunt Shannon. Of course it was his favorite- Toy Story!

We hiked a beautiful area called Swallow Falls. One of the smaller falls had the perfect place to jump off. Taylor jumped first, then Morgan, and then Steph. Soon we were all in the water and swimming under the waterfalls- it was great.


George Family said...

I've been waiting for this post! In some of those pictures, Daniel looks exactly like your Dad. EXACTLY. It's so funny. Everyone looks great - and so happy. It's so nice to see. I miss you!

natalie said...

looks like a great trip. and the pictures you took are fabulous :) you have a DARLING family! still love that i got to see you this summer!!!

Holly said...

how fun!! it looks awesome, the perfect summer vacation. miss you!

Anna said...

Could your boys be any cuter??? Is it wrong to say that Daniel is beautiful? Because he is. Just like his beautiful mama.

Miss you!

Laura said...

what an awesome family get together! you look great and your boys are all darling!