Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's always fun when the Cannons come!

My wonderful sister Kate flew all the way from LA (with lizzy & tommy in tow) to spend the week with me in Rochester. I just LOVED having them, and hope they come back soon!
Apple Picking at Brown's Berry Patch

Fun at Sea Breeze

The zoo, kango, the canal, and just hanging out


Laura said...

look at all the fun things you are doing! apple picking was one of my favorite western ny exclusives! glad you guys are doing well!

Amanda said...

Geesh, I just need to hang out with you for the weekend to show us a good time... and we live here! I haven't been to Sea Breeze, or Brown's Berry Patch, or Kango. Looks like I need to get out more! How fun though to have your sister come out for the week.

Kathryn Cannon said...

Jen! Those pictures turned out so well! It does make me miss you guys. We had the best time ever! Next times its to LA! Give DG and Jamesie a kiss for me.
Love Kate