Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things are pretty much back to normal at the Richards's house. Daniel seems to be almost 100% and James has decided to work on some tricks to get more attention (Daniel has been getting most of it these past 2 days). We even took them on a short wagon ride to the grocery store today to drop off a redbox movie. Bryson is back to work tomorrow, but the good news is I think Daniel will be able to participate in all the Halloween festivities this year!! My mom made him the coolest Batman costume, and I was disappointed when we had to schedule his surgery so close to Halloween. Probably no crunchy candy this year for Daniel, but a sucker and some chocolate should be fine. I am sure your kids are getting excited for this weekend! I hope you all have so much fun!

A video of silly James

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Dayna said...

Such a cute video of Jamesie!! Glad the surgery went well. Danny is such a champ.