Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

 Our crime fighting duo, Batman and Robin, had the best Halloween! On Saturday we went to the Trunk or Treat at the church, and Sunday night we walked around the block as a family, stopping at some of our wonderful neighbor's houses for a little Trick or Treat. Daniel could not have been more proud of his awesome Batman costume (made with love from by Grandma Bigler), and James made one cute little Robin! It was a great weekend.
Saturday afternoon Daniel and I made some Halloween crafts

Daniel loved the little spider we made

Batman + Robin are ready for the Trunk or Treat!

Look at this handsome Batman!

We tried to have Robin wear his super-mask, but he was not so excited about it

Daniel even tried to get him to wear it

Trunk or Treat!

Daniel's buddy Lucas showed up as Batman too! They both thought that was awesome.

And Lucas's little sister Olivia was Robin too! 
The pumpkin face toss

Cake Walk

So many adorable kiddos!

After church we carved a pumpkin

James was not loving it. He kept sticking his hand on the gooey insides of the pumpkin and then crying.

But he did love finding the Halloween candy!

Getting ready to go trick or treating- Rochester style. It was snowing, so both boys wore 3 layers each!

Then Batman jumped on his partner Robin

And we had to have a super-hero time out

Robin in his favorite ride- the red wagon. Superheroes can still fight crime with a binky in their mouth- right?

Then Batman had a melt down right as we where leaving

But he quickly perked up when we mentioned candy

We had a great night. Our neighbors were so sweet. One of them even purchased 'baby cookies' especially for James and 2 others invited us in for treats and to warm up (it was snowing). We live on the friendliest block! Hope that you all had a great Halloween too!


Crystal said...


P.S. said...

SO darling. I love your boys like they are my own, they just have the most lovable little faces.
AND your new header! GORGEOUS.

George Family said...

I love your story. So cute. And the fact that you take photos of tantrums - maybe I should start doing that. Haha.

Baby James is SO big!