Thursday, November 4, 2010


Daniel has been potty-trained since the beginning of Sept. and it has been so nice not to change 2 sets of diapers! I didn't so much mind the baby ones (James's) but Daniel's seemed man-sized!!! (yes...this is so gross). 
I think one of the huge motivators was underwear. He saw his cousin Jordan wearing very cool Cars, Toy Story, Nemo, and Walle underwear, and he just had to be part of that fun. He soon realized that when he went potty in the toilet, he was rewarded by wearing underwear, and did not have to put a diaper on. I had no idea how motivating this could be!! So we started (as way of encouraging him) asking him "what cool underwear do you have on today Daniel"? He would proudly reply, and wearing the magical new underpants seem to keep him dry all day. 
So a few weeks ago we where at Wegman's (a fabulous grocery store) and the women at the check-out offered Daniel a sucker. I turned to him and said "what do you say to the nice lady?" and he thought for a minute and said "what underwear do you have on today?". I almost died!!!!!! 

Here Daniel is modeling his new winter look. I am sure he has on some very cool underwear.


Laura said...

i love your funny!

Mike and Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! The Wegman's story is hilarious...what an adorable boy :-)

George Family said...

That is FANTASTIC!!! I love the story too. Underwear are a big motivator for Hunter too! I hope I can get him to where Daniel is. Congrats.