Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This post is for me for when I am 70 years old, and I cannot remember anything that my kids said when they were little.
Daniel and his friends Gavin & Madi were playing in the basement downstairs while their mothers and I were in a primary presidency meeting upstairs. The kids were going to a 'pretend' Disneyland (they even had bags packed for their imaginary big day). We could hear that Madi was upset so her mom went down to check on things. When she came up she reported that Daniel had said the following:

"Madi- you are going to be the mommy. The mommy cannot go to Disneyland. She has to stay home and take care of the babies".

Just for the record- I have never had to stay home from any theme parks to take care of babies. Where has he learned this stuff?!

Later that night Daniel and I went out on a little outing to the library while Bryson put James to bed. I was looking at the books on tape and there were 2 other women in the aisle with us.

Daniel: Mommy, I farted- again. And it is really stinky.
Me: Daniel, try not to fart since we are around so many people.
Daniel: Why mommy? Does Jesus not like farting?
(the women both start to laugh)
Me: I don't think Jesus cares too much about that. But maybe we should go the bathroom.
Daniel: Good thinking mom.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today was so cold. The high was a bone chilling 7 degrees. And I complained about the weather all morning long. But then I thought about a conversation I had with my dad a few days ago, and as I remembered what he said, I was able to put things into better perspective. We were talking about the weather in Rochester, and he mentioned how difficult it must have been to have lived here during Joseph Smith's time (in the early 1800's).
How did they do it? How did they live in cold, drafty homes in the middle of nowhere? How did they take care of babies in this weather without washing machines and warm baths to put their children into at night? How do you survive without heat, cars, grocery stores, and electric/gas stoves?!
Really, it was not too bad here today as I sat in my warm house, eating warm food. I drove a warm car, wearing a warm coat, and sat in a warm church. We are very lucky to live today. Here are a few other things I am grateful today:

a beautiful, snowy backyard
cute little boys in warm, superhero pajamas
the big box of fresh clementines that are sitting on my table

and of course, the fact that this was the temperature inside my home while it was 7 outside.

Friday, January 21, 2011

 Little James hit 15 months this past weekend. What a wonderful 15 months it has been! I know this is not a remarkable milestone, but I was looking through my blog book that Bryson printed out for me, and I noticed how many more details I would write about Daniel. I thought that for my poor memory's sake, I would write some down for James. So here you go Jamesie!

James at 15 months. 
James is our rough and tumble guy. His head never fails to have at least one large bruise on it. We call him Jamesie, but Linus would actually be a more appropriate name. His blanket and pacifier are his best friends. 
One of my favorite physical traits about James is his gap tooth. He has a big mouth and the first thing you see when it is opened is the space between his two baby front teeth. 
He is a picky eater. This can probably be blamed on his mother who after so many months of him throwing up  2-3 times daily, she would just feed him the food that she new he most liked and would eat the most of. Luckily his stomach issues are much better and we even had a GI x-ray yesterday morning at Golisano Children's Hospital that confirmed that everything is working well inside that little body. He just eats too much, too fast, and has some re-flux, but nothing major.
James is not a man of words. That may be because his older brother is always saying so many, but I think he is quiet by nature (except for when he lets out an occasional scream). He prefers to discover, explore, knock over, climb on, chew on, and pull down. He understands everything you say (and even follows commands) but his vocabulary consist of: ball, mamma, dadda, no no, daniel (well, something that sounds like daniel), boo (book), uh oh, ooo (out), baba (drink or food). He has just learned to say "moo" for cow and we were all really excited about this new development in the Richards home. Daniel seems to be worried about his lack of words. He said to me other day "Mom, we really need to teach James how to talk. He is getting big now". I just think Daniel wants someone (other than his mother) to converse with. He loves James and there is no sweeter sound to be heard in our home than when they are giggling together.
James is strong and always has been. I have a difficult time holding him down to change his diaper, and he can literally jump out of my hands sometimes. He has learned to use this 'Houdini' act during church when I try to keep him inside our row during sacrament. 
This boy loves to dance. He little legs look like he is trying out for river dance when we put music on. And he can run really fast. So fast that his legs cannot keep up with his desire for speed, and he often falls flat on his face (note my comment about bruises above). 
Books, books, books- this boy loves books. He will spend a good amount of time looking through them, and he loves to just carry them around and stack them up or throw them around. As long as he has one in his hand, he is entertained.
And lastly, he loves his Mamma...sigh :) He wants me over anyone else and is very clingy. I know this phase will not last very long, so I am trying to just soak it in and enjoy being the center of his universe.
Well, there is so much more I can say, but that is probably good for now. I just want to add one more thing that I do not think I have shared. I remember having a fear that I would somehow not love my 2nd child as much as my first. I hope some of you have experienced this thought and are not reading this and thinking I am crazy, but I really did worry about that. But it is amazing how much you love the 2nd (and I am sure the 3rd, 4th, etc..) after they come. I feel like Daniel and James have always been a part of my life, and my heart feels such tender and sometimes overwhelming feelings of love for them.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is what I found when I walked into the living room today. I just want to know why they can't do this during church on Sundays. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 These are just some random photos I have taken the past couple of months. With the weather being so cold, we spend a lot of time indoors. Luckily there are a lot of things for children to do during the winter in Rochester: the National Museum of Play, Kango, Jump Club, Sandbox, Brighton Library Discovery Room, and we have been going a couple of times a week to the Y to swim. Of course, many days we just like to stay home and play with toys and Daniel loves to do crafts like play-dough, stamps, and painting. 
the dinosaur model set. he requested to go shirtless under his smock. 

i think james would actually prefer if we never left home. no one is happier just playing with toys and hanging out than him.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas in D.C.

We were so blessed that Bryson had Christmas Eve and Christmas day off this year (and a few more days after that too!). We drove down to D.C., and unfortunately Bryson was really sick, but thankfully got over his bug by the next day (but we ended up passing it onto everyone else! sorry!).
Christmas Eve was a great night. We had a wonderful dinner and then Santa visited the Richard's home!!
All the kids received one gift to open, we read from Luke 2, sang songs, re-enacted the nativity scene,  put out the homemade cookies we made earlier that day, and then it was off to bed for the kiddos! Christmas day was crazy as we had 20 people there, but really fun! Here are the photos:

cute cousins

me and my pretty sister-in-laws (minus Lauren)

santa came that night and daniel could not have been more excited (as well as his cousin Jordan)

chloe, rachel, and suzanne came to see santa as well, but chloe was not too keen on this big red guy with a beard!

and james was horrified!

but really liked his new toys!

daniel played joseph in the nativity. he was adorable.

the jabs, some family friends of bryson's parents's, came to dinner as well. their sweet daughter, wren, was mary.

cookies and milk for santa!

Christmas morning was wild!!! Santa came (of course) and there were smiling and cheering children all morning long. It was so much fun to watch the boys open their gifts (especially Daniel). Daniel got dinosaurs and a fish that he named Batman from Santa (and of course lots of goodies from his extended family!)

We took Daniel to see a family perform Christmas music at the D.C. Temple Visitor's Center. He LOVED the show (even the opera) and clapped the whole time. 
Outside the temple. Isn't is beautiful!

Daniel is obsessed with Dinosaurs right now, so we all dove downtown to visit the Natural History Museum. 

Daniel turned to Jordan and said "what if the glass fell down and we could go inside and play with those dinosaurs...that is a good idea!". He just wanted to jump in and play!

James being eaten by T-Rex

laughing with uncle Morgan

we also went down to see the national tree (right outside the white house). It was SO cold that night, so we did not last long outside, but the tree was beautiful.

2010 Christmas was wonderful!!!