Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas in D.C.

We were so blessed that Bryson had Christmas Eve and Christmas day off this year (and a few more days after that too!). We drove down to D.C., and unfortunately Bryson was really sick, but thankfully got over his bug by the next day (but we ended up passing it onto everyone else! sorry!).
Christmas Eve was a great night. We had a wonderful dinner and then Santa visited the Richard's home!!
All the kids received one gift to open, we read from Luke 2, sang songs, re-enacted the nativity scene,  put out the homemade cookies we made earlier that day, and then it was off to bed for the kiddos! Christmas day was crazy as we had 20 people there, but really fun! Here are the photos:

cute cousins

me and my pretty sister-in-laws (minus Lauren)

santa came that night and daniel could not have been more excited (as well as his cousin Jordan)

chloe, rachel, and suzanne came to see santa as well, but chloe was not too keen on this big red guy with a beard!

and james was horrified!

but really liked his new toys!

daniel played joseph in the nativity. he was adorable.

the jabs, some family friends of bryson's parents's, came to dinner as well. their sweet daughter, wren, was mary.

cookies and milk for santa!

Christmas morning was wild!!! Santa came (of course) and there were smiling and cheering children all morning long. It was so much fun to watch the boys open their gifts (especially Daniel). Daniel got dinosaurs and a fish that he named Batman from Santa (and of course lots of goodies from his extended family!)

We took Daniel to see a family perform Christmas music at the D.C. Temple Visitor's Center. He LOVED the show (even the opera) and clapped the whole time. 
Outside the temple. Isn't is beautiful!

Daniel is obsessed with Dinosaurs right now, so we all dove downtown to visit the Natural History Museum. 

Daniel turned to Jordan and said "what if the glass fell down and we could go inside and play with those dinosaurs...that is a good idea!". He just wanted to jump in and play!

James being eaten by T-Rex

laughing with uncle Morgan

we also went down to see the national tree (right outside the white house). It was SO cold that night, so we did not last long outside, but the tree was beautiful.

2010 Christmas was wonderful!!!

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