Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year...and yes, we are ALIVE!

    Happy New Year Friends and Family! It has been MONTHS since I have updated this blog. I am sure you all know how it goes over the holidays-busy, busy, busy!
We had such a fantastic Christmas Season. I actually just skipped right over Thanksgiving and my brother's homecoming, but that will be in a future post. 
Rochester has been wintry and white and we loved getting the house decorated for the season. Our family had the most wonderful day at Stokkoe Farm in December where we were able to cut down our own Christmas tree. It was so fresh and beautiful, even until we took it down!
We spent Christmas with the Richards in D.C., but that will be in my next post. As for now, here are our photos from before Christmas:

Bryson shoveling the many feet of snow we had (and still have!)

James did not love the you can tell

But he was obsessed with the Fisher Price Nativity Set my mother gave us

The Chritmas Tree Farm

going to get our tree!

"this one looks perfect" daniel said!

my hunky mountain man

james was a human marshmallow in the 10 layers he was wearing, and was such a sweetheart the whole day

cutting down the blue spruce we loved

daniel watches as they cut, clean, and wrap our beautiful tree

rudolph was even there!

and santa was passing out candy (and we loved the free hot cocoa and cookies!)
bryson was post call, so he and james took a nap while daniel and i put on some christmas music and decked the halls!

the beautiful star

nothing like a warm bath after a day in the snow cutting down trees!

Our Christmas posts are coming soon!

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