Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This post is for me for when I am 70 years old, and I cannot remember anything that my kids said when they were little.
Daniel and his friends Gavin & Madi were playing in the basement downstairs while their mothers and I were in a primary presidency meeting upstairs. The kids were going to a 'pretend' Disneyland (they even had bags packed for their imaginary big day). We could hear that Madi was upset so her mom went down to check on things. When she came up she reported that Daniel had said the following:

"Madi- you are going to be the mommy. The mommy cannot go to Disneyland. She has to stay home and take care of the babies".

Just for the record- I have never had to stay home from any theme parks to take care of babies. Where has he learned this stuff?!

Later that night Daniel and I went out on a little outing to the library while Bryson put James to bed. I was looking at the books on tape and there were 2 other women in the aisle with us.

Daniel: Mommy, I farted- again. And it is really stinky.
Me: Daniel, try not to fart since we are around so many people.
Daniel: Why mommy? Does Jesus not like farting?
(the women both start to laugh)
Me: I don't think Jesus cares too much about that. But maybe we should go the bathroom.
Daniel: Good thinking mom.

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