Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tomorrow sweet little James is having surgery. It is a very minor operation (as far as surgeries go) that only takes about 20 minutes, but I am still (being a normal mother) really nervous about it all. His eyes have always watered and it is because his tear ducts are not properly developed, so they are going to open them and insert tubes into both ducts to allow the fluid from his eyes to drain through those instead of running down is face all day long. The pediatric ophthalmologist also determined that he is near-sited, which may be caused by excess fluid on his eye.
 I have noticed that his eyes have actually been getting better these past few weeks, so as we have been getting closer to his surgical date, I have been questioning if this is something that we really even needed to do. 
I have been praying to know what to do, and called his doctor yesterday to see if he could test his eyes one more time before his surgery. I feel like my prayers were answered as today his eyes have watered ALL day long, and his test came pack positive (meaning his ducts were not functioning) at the doctors this morning. So I feel good about this and we are all set for tomorrow. I feel badly for him as he has no idea what is going on, but I know he will be ok and it will be wonderful for him not to have to deal with watery eyes all the time and hopefully his astigmatism will correct itself soon. We will give you an update soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A few weekends ago I had the amazing opportunity to go to NYC without the kids!! I have to thank my sweet hubby Bryson for watching them while I had some 'girl' time in the big apple. He did get to go skiing for a few days after I returned from my trip, but it was still SO wonderful to get away for a few days! The weather was perfect (50's & 60's), the food was divine, and I had so much fun catching up with some great friends and family. 

The first night I spent the evening with Bryson's cousins Katie & Emily. I feel like they are my cousins as well since I just adore both of them. I did not get a photo of them, but took one of their adorable kids Davey, Alie, Charlie, & Cami. It was a great night and I was so glad to spend some time with them. 
My dear friend Marylynn was so awesome to let me stay with her a few nights. I loved walking around the city with her and little Zoe. Marylynn took us to the MOST amazing pizza place call Keste. We ordered the most divine pizzas- one with this out of this world cheese and the other was with prosciutto and arugula- yum!!
She also took me to Mario Batali's newest place in the city called Etalia. It is a restaurant/market for all things Italian. 
The next day my dear friend Anna flew in from Denver to hang out. We went on study abroad to London together and have been great friends ever since. I had not seen her in years and just LOVED catching up with her. 
Anna and I braved crazy Canal Street and then met up with Marylynn for brunch at Bubby's. It was the BEST salmon benedict I have ever eaten (served with homemade scones and jam). Can you tell I have missed NYC food? I was in heaven eating all the good food again!
Of course I had to make a quick stop at 420 E. 70th Street which is where Bryson and I called home for 4 years. The 'Lasdon House' still looks exactly the same. I have so many good memories on this street!
We had the best afternoon walking around the Met
Afterwards we stopped and got a 'few' desserts. A cookie at Levain Bakery (not pictured) and then we stopped at a few chocolate shops along the UWS.
And I had to get a vanilla vanilla at Magnolia Bakery
One night we decided to see a movie (spontaneously). It was treat because it was Jane Erye (not something Bryson would have really loved to see with me) and we were kidless so we went to a late show at the Lincoln Center Theaters. Outside the theater they had the actual dress and suit that Jane and Mr. Rochester wore in the movie. And FYI...the movie was great. 
On the probably the coldest morning we decide to ride on the Staten Island Ferry. I loved the amazing views of the city. 
I had the BEST time!!! And miss Anna, Marylynn, Katie & Emily already. I definitely thought of my boys about every other minute, but it was very rejuvenating having some time off from my 'mom job'.

And this is very off the subject, but I justed want to mention that Bryson's sisters Shannon & Crystal had their babies this past week!!! It has been a very exciting time for the Richards family. Shannon gave birth to a very handsome boy named Nathan last Wed. night. Then the following night Crystal had baby Savannah (who is gorgeous and has lots of beautiful blonde hair!). We are so excited for them both, and I wish more than anything I was in D.C. to hold my new nephew and niece!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

No trip to LA would be complete without a fun filled day at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! We had the best day...great weather, no lines, and good food :)
The kids (and me!!) loved it! I can't wait to go back next year!
Nobody was happier to be there than Daniel & Tommy!
I would not want to mess with these two! They were actually singing "yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me" while wearing their pirate gear!
And this was probably the best part of the day for James. He devoured his Mickey Mouse ice cream.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It was such a treat to spend 10 days in LV and California in the middle of Feb. Ever since we came home, Daniel has been dressing himself in shorts and t-shirts. I think we are all ready for some warm weather around here! 
Thanks to all the fam (and friends) for being such awesome hosts while we were there! We miss you :)

Daniel the day before we left. Someone is ready for summer!
The first day we were in Las Vegas we packed a lunch and went 'park hopping' with the kids. My mom and I spent 8 hours outside with the boys! So fun. 
One night my parents treated me to a dinner at the Cosmopolitan (a beautiful new hotel and casino on the strip). 
Once we got to California, Daniel had a blast with his cousin Tommy on the power wheel. 
James and my mom. James is a pretty clingy little guy, but he just loves being held by his Grandma Bigler!
Luke brought his adorable dog 'Hooch' with him. Daniel and James LOVED Hooch. Daniel also loved wearing Tommy's Laker's jersey (Bryson would DIE if he saw Daniel wearing this!!)
Trish brought her boys Hunter and Landon over. All 5 boys had a fun afternoon on the playground, airplane, and in the pool. 
Luke and James
Kate, Me, Trish & and our boys.
Kate took Trish and I to the Jewish Historical Center in LA for a cool exhibit on Noah's Ark.  I think we almost got kicked out while we were upstairs eating our Cafe Rio on the patio (they were sitting in the bushes, playing on the patio chairs, and causing all sorts of mischief), but the boys had a great time!
James and Daniel playing with the animals on the ark

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am little behind in my blogging as I just got back from NYC, and I left my camera at my sister's house in California (she was so awesome to drop it in the mail for me), but James, Daniel & I flew out West a few weeks ago to be part of a very special event. My wonderful, lifelong friend Trish, and her husband Brian, were baptized! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I feel so very blessed that I was able to be there. I just wish Bryson could have been with me, but, of course, he was home working :(
Trish and Brian are two of the kindest, most wonderful individuals, and it brought me so much joy to see them become members of the church. I am so excited for them and their wonderful family!!! You can actually read about their conversion on her blog: http://trishgeorge.blogspot.com/
Here are some photos from that special day:

Here is beautiful Trish the day she was baptized. She was my best friend in our High School, and I don't know what I would have done without her friendship. She is still an awesome friend, mom, and wife. 
And here we are with my amazing & lovely sister Kate.
The entire George Family- Brian, Hunter, Trish & little Landon.  And just look at her boys in their matching outfits- so cute!

The afternoon before Trish and Brian's baptism was so lovely. We had a great lunch and spent the day enjoying the sun in Trish's backyard. Here is Kate, Trish, me, and my beautiful mom.

I wish I would have taken a photo of all of us together on this day as it was so special that we could be there together.

The day of the baptism could not have been more perfect. The weather was divine and we were able to spend so much time together as family and friends. It was so wonderful that my parents, Katy & Justin, and Luke were able to be there. Luke drove 14 hours so that he could attend the baptism and left the next morning! 

The baptism was one of the most spiritual events. I was so touched to see my father baptize my dear friend Trish and the missionaries baptize Brian that night. I felt joy that I just cannot describe.
I also felt so much gratitude that Katy and my mom helped out so much with the kids during the baptism so that my dad and I could help Trish and Brian get ready that night.

Trish and Brian have been such a wonderful example to me. I have learned so much about faith and humility from them these past few months. And I am so grateful I was able to hear their strong and sincere testimonies that day. I love them both, and am so proud of the decision they have made. Again, I just feel so blessed that I was able to be there! What a wonderful day.