Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tomorrow sweet little James is having surgery. It is a very minor operation (as far as surgeries go) that only takes about 20 minutes, but I am still (being a normal mother) really nervous about it all. His eyes have always watered and it is because his tear ducts are not properly developed, so they are going to open them and insert tubes into both ducts to allow the fluid from his eyes to drain through those instead of running down is face all day long. The pediatric ophthalmologist also determined that he is near-sited, which may be caused by excess fluid on his eye.
 I have noticed that his eyes have actually been getting better these past few weeks, so as we have been getting closer to his surgical date, I have been questioning if this is something that we really even needed to do. 
I have been praying to know what to do, and called his doctor yesterday to see if he could test his eyes one more time before his surgery. I feel like my prayers were answered as today his eyes have watered ALL day long, and his test came pack positive (meaning his ducts were not functioning) at the doctors this morning. So I feel good about this and we are all set for tomorrow. I feel badly for him as he has no idea what is going on, but I know he will be ok and it will be wonderful for him not to have to deal with watery eyes all the time and hopefully his astigmatism will correct itself soon. We will give you an update soon!

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