Thursday, April 21, 2011

18 Months

Little James just turned 18 months. 18 months?! one could have prepared me for how fast this year and a half has gone. He is such a character! A man of little words and a LOT of action, James constantly keeps us on our toes. He seems so much more 'baby-ish' than Daniel was at this age. Maybe it is because he still has no hair and does not really talk. Or maybe it is because he is still so attached to his 'mamma'. Whatever it is, we love our baby James- to pieces! 

James, here is a little bit about you at 18 months that I want to remember forever:

You LOVE to eat. I would say you spend a majority of your time standing by the pantry, waiting for me to give you a snack. You usually finish your meal and then ask to eat the rest of Daniel's.
You want to do everything on your own.
You love to tackle (we call it the hug & knock down) your older brother. This is ok until we go out and public and you start to do this to other kids. They don't seem to like it as much as Daniel does. 
Outside is your favorite place. Even when it is really cold, you don't seem to mind. And riding in the wagon is your absolute favorite mode of transportation.
You love cars and dinosaurs. And you have pretty much perfected your animal growl.
You are AMAZING at going down the stairs. You can slide down on your tummy faster than anyone could run down the stairs. And you have been doing this for a long time.
You don't seem to notice when you smack your head or smash your hands in things. You are one tough cookie.
Screaming at the top of your lungs is your newest tactic when you don't get your way. I really hope this phase does not last long!
You love 'backpack'. This is what we call a piggy back ride in our house. You get behind me and cry for 'ba-pa' when you want a ride. 

Here is your vocab so far:
Boo boo (book)
Caa (car)
Do Do (Dog)
Mine (which you often yell at Daniel when he takes your toys)
Die- soor (dinosaur- and then you growl like one)
Coo moo (come one!)
Sie Sie (outside)
Hi Dadda! (which you yell with your arms up in the air every time Bryson walks in the room -  and sometimes you welcome me and other people this way too!)
Show ( love 'shows' or tv. You won't watch it for very long, but ask for it when you are tired. Sadly, this may be one your best pronounced words!)
You also like to moo like a cow. This is the only animal sound you seem to care to know. 

You just love to play. Our basement is filled with toys, and you can keep yourself busy for hours just playing quietly down there. I hope you keep this up for when baby #3 comes :) 
Your newest obsession is the toilet (yuck). You love to throw anything you can get your little hands on into it. Yesterday I found your pacifier and a toy car. Both went into the trash once I got them out. 
One of my favorite things about you is how much you enjoy being read to. You could sit on my lap forever while we look at books. You have your favorite ones and often just want to read those over and over. At night we will read to you, and then just keep your light on in your room and put books in your bed. You will read for 5-10 minutes and then fall asleep. Then I sneak back in, turn your light off, and kiss you goodnight. There is no sweeter sight than you cuddled up in your crib. 

Some photos from the past week:

And yes...I could eat this little face (and smother it with kisses). Love you Jamesie!

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Anna said...

Your comment feature is back, hooray! I love this post. He is SO cute. And to forget any of these adorable things about him would be a travesty, so good job documenting his cuteness! Can he marry Adelle, please?

love ya, miss ya!