Friday, May 6, 2011

Bath time is a nightly ritual in our home (unless it has been a crazier than normal night). The boys NEVER seem to tire of bubble baths, playing with their bath toys, and then jumping on my bed naked. It is a blissful time for all of us. The boys get to be clothes free (always a favorite), and I have the assurance that my sweet & crazy boys will soon be in their beds, clean with warm jammies. It is a good time of day around here :)
I happened to have my camera in my room a few nights ago and snapped these photos:

Good Night!


Dayna said...

I AM DYING! Those expressions from Daniel are HILARIOUS and I love the one of just him smiling too. Adorable. James is so big and so cute!!! Great photos!

Haley said...

HA! Look at those nakies. So adorable.