Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Due Tomorrow?!! What!!?

I am sure if you have looked at my 'baby ticker' located to the right of my post, but if you do, you will see that I am due tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow! I am having a hard time believing this myself. This pregnancy has flown by for me!! Minus the first trimester, in which I felt sick pretty much all the time until around 18 weeks, this pregnancy has been great. I am really tired right now, but feel good otherwise. 
We are all so excited to meet this little guy. We have a few names we like, but spending time with our babies seems to help us decide on the name (that, and the pressure of having to fill out a birth certificate before we walk out the hospital!). 
Daniel is so excited. He asks me 4 or 5 times a day when his brother will be here. He want to touch my belly and will often talk to the baby. He has mentioned how he wants to hold the baby and feed him. He even offered to change his diapers, but specified only the "pee pee ones, not the poo poos". I know he will be a great help and will be gentle and loving with our new little guy.
James is a different story. He is very gentle with babies and is curious about them, but at 20 months, he still prefers me and walks around the house calling "mamma!" all the time (to make sure I am nearby). James wants to be held, wants to me hold his hand every where we go, and gets very jealous when I hold other babies. This could be interesting!
Here is a cute pic of my little Jamesie from a few weeks ago while he was asleep:
He is the sweetest little guy, and I know he and baby #3 will be great buddies, but bringing home a new baby will probably be a little hard on him for a few weeks (or months- maybe years, but hopefully weeks!). 
Well, we will keep you updated. My mom flies into town tonight with my sister Stephanie. I am so excited to have them here, and SO SO SO excited to meet this sweet little baby who has been kicking me for months and months!!! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

D.C and a Wedding

Even though I was only 2 weeks away from my due date when we left, we decided to head down to D.C. to see Bryson's family and my sister Kate and her family. I was a little nervous to make the trip, but am SO glad we did. 
We first stopped in Allentown, PA to see Shannon, Kevin, Jordan, and their new baby Nathan. I am kicking myself that I did not take any photos, but Nathan is the cutest thing ever. He is just beautiful and as chubby as can be. 
Jordan and Daniel had so much together. In fact, Daniel said this was the 'best trip ever' because he got to see both his cousin Jordan and Tommy. 
It was fun seeing Allentown and I loved Shannon's new place. We were so grateful that they let us stay with them!

Two buddies with their pillow pets. They had a 'slumber party' the night were there in the living room and I think they fell asleep around 11 and woke up at 5:30! 
Shannon took us to the Crayola Factory. The boys really enjoyed all the painting, coloring, and the play-dough. 
Katy was in town as her brother-in-law was getting married to a girl from Bryson's home ward in D.C. The wedding was so fabulous and I am so happy for Lyndsay and James! The night before they held a rehearsal dinner at a beautiful barn north of D.C. The kids had a great time playing outside and looking at the horses. 

Daniel was still pretty tired from all the fun cousin activities, but this is the only photo I took of him and his cousin Tommy. He ended up having a great night despite a few meltdowns. 
My gorgeous sister Katy and her hubby Justin
Kate and I at the wedding the next night
My niece Lizzy. She was the most beautiful flower girl and we had the best time dancing together that night.
Me with Katie Hillstead and Hilary Connelly- two friends from BYU.

And I also was able to meet my new niece Savannah (and I did not get any photo of her as well!!). She is so tiny, petite, and beautiful. I wish I could have held her more, but James would cry every time I had her in my arms.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spring Stay-cation & A few other fun events

Bryson had a week off this spring and for the first time we decided to stay close to home during his time off. Most of the time we just hung out together (something that does not happen enough around here with his crazy schedule) but we did go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Canada for a few days. The weather was cold and rainy the whole week, so the indoor water park was a perfect getaway for us. 

We stopped to see Niagara Falls. It was really beautiful (and a little nerve wracking with James), but so misty that we could barely see the falls. 
The lodge is perfect for kids. There are talking animals, put put golf, game and craft rooms, and of course, a huge indoor water park!
Our room had a 'cub den' with a little TV just for the boys. They thought it was awesome to have their own little space. 
They could not wait to get inside

At night we ate at a huge buffet followed by a story time for the kids
They were both so exhausted by the end. It was such a great trip :)
The following weekend we made our annual visit to the Rochester Lilac Festival. The flowers were gorgeous this year!
We loved seeing Music Man at Geva theater with our friends the Mudricks and the Vaiseys. The play was great and the company even better :)
And we made many visit down to the pond near our house to look at the baby goslings. Daniel loved doing this until one afternoon one of the mommy geese chased him down on his bike while hissing at him. He was so terrified after the incident that he has not wanted to go back since!
And Taylor (Bryson's brother) came for a visit. It was so great seeing him!
And last, but not least, Daniel's preschool had a field trip the zoo. It was such a great day and the perfect way to end an awesome school year. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Bryson! I don't talk about him often on this blog since it is mostly about the kiddos, but I want him to know that I think he is an incredible father to our boys. Father's Day was pretty low key this year, but we did have a fun evening walking along the beach of Lake Ontario while the boys threw sea shells and rocks into the water. I love you Bryson and am so lucky that you are such a wonderful dad!

And a father's day tribute would not be complete without mentioning my own dad. He is the best, and I love him so much!! Love you dad!!! 
Thank you for all you do :)