Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Andrew is Here!

Introducing the newest member of our family:

Andrew Bigler Richards
Born July 5th, 2011
at 11:47 AM
8 pounds 11 oz.
21 inches

We are all in love with him and doing well!!


Rachel Kirkham said...

Jen he is just amazing! I love the name and we love you all so much! Congratulations!! XOXOXOXO

Laura said...

so awesome! andrew....what a darling name! love it! cant wait to see more pictures. hope you recover quickly and are up to handle all those cute boys!

George Family said...

I've been waiting for this update! Such a sweety! I cannot wait to see more pictures and hear how James and Daniel are doing with the newest addition.

Ang said...

Congrats! Another beautiful baby boy! Very happy for you and hope the transition goes smoothly!

Shannon said...

Can't wait to meet this little guy!!

Amanda said...

Congrats again to you guys. He is adorable and it's amazing how small he looks compared to the beast of a baby that I have! He also makes Jamesie look so old! Let me know if you need ANY help once your Mom leaves. Ethan would love a play date :)

Holly and Dave said...

Congratulations! He is darling, and I'm sure everyone is totally in love. So happy for you!

P.S. said...

Congrats! He is SO SO cute! I love how happy you look in the picture where they are handing him to you. Priceless!
You family is darling, I couldn't be happier for you.