Saturday, July 16, 2011

brotherly love

There is no doubt that James and Daniel love their new brother! 

Andrew looks like he is begging for someone to help him!
Good thing grandma was there to save him!

And speaking of grandma, she left a few days ago. We miss her so much!! 


natalie said...

OH!!!! Congratulations on your newest little boy!! I just barely checked your blog and LOVED seeing all the pictures! Your family is absolutely adorable! And you look wonderful. I love his name. I hope you are doing well and getting some sleep :)

George Family said...

I am So glad they love him so much! I hope Jamesie is doing okay with the transition from "baby" to "big brother". Love you guys tons.

Sheryl said...

You have such a gorgeous mom. Love your boys. oh. so. cute.