Friday, August 5, 2011

1 month

Hey little Andrew! You are 1 month old today!! You are already smiling and making cute little noises. I think you did not get the memo that you are baby #3, because you want to be held ALL THE TIME. But I do just love to hold you (when I can) because you are oh so precious and cuddly. 
Happy 1 month! We love you so much. 

And the photo shoot was over as someone became a little cranky!
And someone's big brother woke up from a nap


George Family said...

He is just so cute. Happy 1 month!!!

Dayna said...

I can't wait to kiss that face!!!

By the way, Danny is SO FREAKING cute Jen. It is a blast having him here and I'm glad you got a break and that we get to enjoy his cuteness. He says the funniest things and is having so much fun. We are excited to see you soon too!

Jenelle said...

Hey Jen! Little Andrew is so cute! Let me know if you need my blog address. I'd love to keep in touch. Tell everyone HI from me.